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Lighter November 12, 2012

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I really hate leaving posts up all weekend that are anything but happy.  I end up spending the entire weekend thinking about how the last post isn’t accurately reflecting my current feelings.  It was accurate in that moment – but that just one snap shot – and that was days ago.

It’s time to change that mood.


Over the weekend my friend Sunman and his 2 little boys came to visit.  I LOVE having them over.  When we are with them, I don’t feel strange.  I feel like they don’t see the weirdness that is our life.  The kids are oblivious to Jay and his differences.  Sunman talks to Jay and teases Jay just like he would any of the other kids.  He doesn’t tip-toe around him or treat him with kid gloves or take a hands-off approach.  He jumps right in and makes fun of has fun with Jay’s mis-pronunciations or his grumpiness and it’s hilarious.  He’s an equal opportunity teaser and I love it. That family doesn’t let the crankiness get to them at all.  They just let us be. With them, I feel comfortable and like I don’t have to pretend anything.  That’s a good , free, feeling.


On Friday a few people came over and we had drinks and hung out and laughed.  That’s always the best way to come out of a funk.  Laughing.

On Saturday Jay was cranky but we didn’t pay much attention to it and the other 3 kids played and had a great time.  It makes me feel good when Ace has an opportunity to play with typical kids.  He really eats it up and it’s glorious to witness.

We talked about maybe going ice-skating or to the science center or to a movie but in the end everyone was happy to just sit around and be lazy all day.

At bath time, 3 little boys were in our shower together.  I jokingly suggested that we take their picture so we can bribe them to do anything we want in about 10 years.  🙂  I don’t know how much body cleaning took place but the entire bathroom was soaked by the time they were done.

Jay fell asleep earlier than the other 3 boys and when we told them it was bed time they all wanted to sleep in the same bed.  Eventually we had to split them up though because there was too much talking and laughing going on for them to actually fall asleep.  Those are the sounds that feed my soul.

On Sunday, Jay was in a much better mood – thank God.  I made a traditional Jamaican breakfast of Saltfish, Ackee and Fried Dumplings.  Jay asked for cheese doodles but when I said no, he opted for a cereal bar.  No big surprise there.   After Sunman and his delightfully yummy sons left we spent the rest of the day relaxing.  It was a quiet, peaceful Sunday afternoon.  Just the kind I like.


I spoke to my Aunt in Jamaica which always leaves me feeling home-sick but happy.

I also spoke to my Grandads wife for a long time.  When I ended that call, I started thinking about all the times that I was mad at my Grandad and how now that he’s not well, none of those times matter.  In the end, it’s the love that counts.


Here’s to a good week.  🙂


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