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Sounding It Out November 14, 2012

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Jay has gotten very good at the alphabet.  He knows all the letters; both upper and lower case.  Or as I would say, capital and common.  He knows what sounds they all make and how to draw them.  Admittedly he’s better at drawing them on his i-Pad than with a pencil and paper but I’ll take it.


In his last IEP meeting I mentioned that he seems to be developing an interest in books and reading.  We decided to include that in his plan.  “More time spent on learning pre-reading skills” or something to that effect.

Now, I’m not sure if he is interested in reading for the sake of understanding a story or if he’s only interested in the words themselves.  Just the words.  As isolated things.  He wants to know what individual words mean and how they are spelled.  I suppose, that’s a pre-requisite to real reading and real comprehension.


As we’re driving around he will spell out the words that he sees on store signs and ask us “Wha is it ?”  I gladly tell him.  Sometimes it gets funny because he will see the sign for CVS (for example) and he will spell it out and then he wants to know what that word is.  I will tell him it’s just C-V-S.  He doesn’t like that answer.  He wants it to be a word.  Not just letters.  The same thing happened when he saw a sign for DKNY.  He didn’t like that one at all either.


When we’re home, Jay spends a lot of his free time, teaching himself new words and trying his best to pronounce them accurately.  There’s an APP for that.  🙂  He also spends  a lot of time learning to spell the words.  CC was caught by surprise a couple of days ago when Jay randomly said to him (without looking at anything) … “A – P – P – L – E, Apple“.  I wasn’t surprised.  I know the kid can spell many animals (his favourite topic) including camel and the easy ones like cat and dog.  I decided to trip him up last night by asking him how to spell giraffe.  I thought there was a slim chance that he had memorized it from his flash cards but I doubted it.  What I did not expect or know was that in addition to memorizing the words, he has also been exercising his phonics muscles.


As it turns out, he had not memorized how to spell giraffe, BUT he still tried to spell it for us.  Without us saying anything, he tried sounding it out.  I don’t know if they have been working on this with him at school, but it is not something we have spent any time working on at home.

First, he made the G sound and said “G”.  Then he kept making the other sounds he heard and came away spelling the word “G – I – R – F”.



Obviously he didn’t spell it correctly, but he was absolutely on the right path.  He’s getting there folks.  I am so proud.  As proud as I would be if he had just won the National Spelling Bee.   Shoot, prouder than that.


4 Responses to “Sounding It Out”

  1. Lisa Says:

    That is terrific!! I hope Jay is proud of himself, too. WTG, kiddo!!!

  2. Neil N Says:

    Wonderful progress indeed. My son learned to read in a two-step process. He first learned to recognize all the words, but it took much longer for him to learn to forma mental picture of what they meant. (In fact, I wrote about this today Hang in there — it will come!

  3. solodialogue Says:

    He is teaching himself! Jay is super smart to spell out apple like that- so cool! That is a hard word so there are some strong memorization skills going on! Recently, I learned from Toots that all the time I had closed captioning on (to hear the TV over his toys and yelling) he was learning to read from it! So, if you have it on at all, maybe Jay will pick up some new stuff too… 🙂

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