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Po River November 21, 2012

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Between today and tomorrow, you will read a lot of blogs or Facebook statuses or Tweets about people being thankful.

I’m no different.   I’m thankful for so much. Too much to type so I’ll just give you this one …


I’m thankful that there are good, quality people in the world who are willing to make huge sacrifices for the greater good of mankind.

My friend and his wife are quitting their jobs and packing up and moving to Liberia (west Africa).  They will be starting up a medical clinic there in January.  I am amazed by them and proud of them and excited for them and scared for them.


When asked what they need, Steve and Jen will tell you they need prayers.

In addition to the prayers, I am also asking you to please take a few moments and look through their website.  Sign up for their newsletter.  Read their story.  Watch their videos.  Donate if you can.    They are doing wonderful things and really making a difference in this world.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!


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