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Letting The Pictures Do The Talking December 5, 2012

I knew I was behind in telling some of the stories I’ve been wanting to tell but I didn’t realize just how far behind I was until I started going through the pictures that were sitting in my camera.  There were about 300 of them.  Yikes!

Since “they” say a picture says 1000 words, I’m going to share mine with you so I won’t have to type thousands of words.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to make you sit through 300 pictures.  Just a few so you can get a fast forward version of what we’ve been up to since … ahm … September.

OK … Here goes.

Our nephew came to visit and the kids had a great time together.  They always do.


The following weekend that same cousin had a birthday party.


Ace had a blast from start to finish.  Jay had a rough start but ended up having fun with the balloons and the goody bags.  He splashed in a puddle and then got mad that his pants were wet AND … when the other boys started playing duck duck goose, he tried to join it.  That’s Winning!


I tried getting a picture of my 2 boys together but this is what I got.  Welcome to my life.


This picture of Ace and I is only getting included because I think I look cute … And there will be a picture later on where I don’t look so cute 🙂  .


Our friend and his 2 sons came to visit. I LOVE them.  My kids LOVE them and they LOVE us.  What’s better than that?  At one point we had 4 super heroes protecting us.  Yes, we just happened to have 4 different super hero costumes laying around our house.  Doesn’t everyone?

IMG_2524IMG_2518IMG_2540(This is me not looking so cute).

By the way, if you have sons between the ages of 3 and 7 and want to send them somewhere for a weekend, I’ll take them.  I really love having all the boys around.

Ace is a proud boy scout and he and CC went on a hike with his troup.  They have done food/clothing drives and next week they are going ice-skating.

Oh and Ace lost both his front teeth.


Hurricane Sandy hit and we were without power for 5 days.  We made the best of it.  In the evening – if we had no company – the kids sat with flashlights and read books.  I tried to capture it.  Due to the flash on my camera, the picture doesn’t really do the scene justice.  It looks too light and it was in fact very dark.


I tried taking the picture without the flash but this is what I got.


We carved pumpkins … I did a little one and CC did a big one .. AND … Jay scooped some yucky stuff out of the inside for the 1st time ever!  He was VERY careful to make sure that none of it got on his hands but this is progress!


We took pictures with Santa 🙂

This is one that I took. The nice one that the “elves” took still needs to be scanned and copied so I can send it to people.  I’ll get to it by Christmas.  Probably.  Hopefully.  Maybe.


And finally … When I got back from Jamaica last weekend, we put up our Christmas tree.  BOTH kids were interested and BOTH kids helped.  What a difference a year makes.


I got lots of cute pictures of each of them and even one of the cat.



But of course, when I tried to get them to pose together … This is the best I could get.  At least they’re hugging and not fighting.


So there you have it folks.  I could make an entire post about any one of these pictures but there just isn’t enough time.  I hope you enjoyed this little journey I took you on.  I enjoyed taking you on it.


3 Responses to “Letting The Pictures Do The Talking”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I loved the journey. Your boys are handsome little guys!! They still remind me so much of my older two boys…especially the last picture of the hugging…
    Thank you for sharing these with us!!

  2. Neil N Says:

    Looks like fun. Love the Devils shirt in the first picture!

  3. Michelle Says:

    great post, I think I need to do a “catch up” post with pics too! It’s hard to get them both looking at the camera, thank goodness for digital cameras we can waste hundreds of shots trying!!!

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