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Conversations With Ace December 11, 2012

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I’m thinking that maybe I’m not the only person who could use a smile today.





After he passes gas, Ace says:

Excuse me, I just burped from my butt.”

But, the other day when his stomach grumbled, he said:

It’s OK Mom, I don’t have to say excuse me, that was just my stomach saying I’m hungry.”



This conversation took place while Ace was looking through the many toy catalogs that come in the mail and asking for everything that looks boy-ish.

Me: Ace, why do you only talk about all the things you want to get?
Ace: Because that’s what Christmas is all about.

Me: No, Christmas is about being nice to each other.  I don’t ever hear you talking about getting anything for anybody else.

Ace: Well, if you get me all the things I want, I will share with Jay.



(Still looking through the toy catalog)

Ace: Ooh, Mom, you can get me a gun too.


On 2nd thought, no.  I don’t want a gun.  They’re too shooty.



(Randomly in the car)

Ace: Mom, do you remember when I told you that I had a bad dream?

Me: Yes.

Ace: Well, bad dreams are called nightmares.

Me:  Yeah.

(Later when CC comes in)

Ace: Mom, tell Dad what I told you.

Me: What?  You tell me a lot of things.

Ace: About the bad dreams.  You know.  The new word that I taught you.



Every morning I help Ace cross the street to his school.  There’s a crossing guard that makes sure the cars stop for the pedestrians.

Ace: Dad, this morning we almost got squashed by a car.

CC (shocked): What???

I explain that we were crossing the street and a car came a little too close to the cross walk but we were never in any real danger.

Ace: Well, we almost got squashed and that would have made us road kill.

(I laugh)

Ace: Why are you laughing? It’s not funny to be road kill.  It would hurt. 



I tend to call Ace “my love”.  The other day he held a door open for a lady we do not know and she said “Thanks love.”  He responds with:

“Hey, you’re a stranger. How do you know my name?



Jay is calling out animal names as we drive home – Cause that’s what he does.  When he gets to “cat”, Ace says:

“Cats are nasty. They eat rats. It’s like when they see a rat they use their imagination and think it’s a sandwich.”



5 Responses to “Conversations With Ace”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Thank you for the much-needed chuckle! Jake has called passing gas “butt burps”, so, um, yeah…maybe a boy thing?!?

  2. Flannery Says:

    So cute! I love that he’s teaching you new words, because knowledge is power!

  3. Uncle Says:

    That boy is so funny. Keep those in a book somewhere for the future.

  4. solodialogue Says:

    He is so funny! Love that he’s “teaching you” new words! Lol!

  5. therocchronicles Says:

    These are so cute!

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