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Ending on a High Note December 28, 2012

There are weekends like last one.  Ones where for large chunks of the day, I had to work hard to keep the smile on my face.  Weekends that SHOULD be nothing but happiness but were not – though I could not figure out why.


Then there are days like last Friday.

Days where I bring my son to work.  Days where from start to finish he was happy and when he showed signs of losing the happy, he was easily brought back.

Days where I witnessed him independently write his name for the 1st time.  (We may need to get a white board at home)

Days where he was (kind of) friendly and laughed and talked and hi-fived and took turns.

Days where he played with other kids.  PLAYED WITH OTHER KIDS I SAID.  Not on his terms.  Not with things he loves, like animals and not his usual chase game. Let me explain …

There was a bouncy house.  My son loves to bounce so I wasn’t surprised that he wanted to go in.  I WAS surprised that he agreed to leave his i-pad and toys outside.  Usually that’s where the fight comes in.  Anyway, at first we were in there alone. (Yeah, I went in too and even later caved to some peer pressure and did a flip cause the 10 yr olds challenged me to).  Then other kids started to join in on the fun.  One little boy in particular was obviously a big fan of wrestling and decided it would be a good idea to tackle Jay.  I was ready to jump in (pun not intended) and rescue my boy because I just knew that things were about to go south.

For about 2 seconds Jay looked mad.  Then he laughed!!!

Then he got up and tentatively tackled the kid back.  He was trying to figure out the game.

They both fell over and laughed.

I sat in the corner on alert … waiting to save the boy from my sons wrath but it was never necessary.  The 2 of them played their wrestling game for a while.  Then they both left the bouncy house together and were running around the office and then they came back in and continued bouncing together.

Towards the end of the day Jay started to get a little cranky but that was definitely because he was tired.  In fact, he fell asleep before we even made it out of the parking lot.

When Santa had left and all the food had been eaten and the proverbial fat lady had sang … we had had a nice time.


The grumpiness that began last week Saturday pretty much lasted all week but finally, FINALLY, yesterday it seemed to ease up a little.  He had his social skills group yesterday evening and he was very excited to go.  He had a good session with his “friends” there and today he’s being a lot more agreeable.  Maybe he needed a day with a dose of something he’s used to.


I don’t know if I’ll write again before the new year so I will leave you with 3 things.

1) Some pictures from our day at my job a week ago. Don’t mind the blurry ones and before you ask, I don’t know whose Uggs those were.  Also, he had several pretend phone conversations throughout the day.  Yay for pretending!

2) A big thank you to everyone who has been supportive and helpful and who has sent love and positive thoughts our way.

3) A big, fat, juicy, squishy, lovie wish that for all of us 2013 brings more happy days than not.




potluck4 potluck1 potluck2 potluck3


5 Responses to “Ending on a High Note”

  1. Philip loves his white board/chalk board easel. My parents also got a white board for Philip to use at their house (no easel, we just put it on the table). I imagine both Jay and Ace could use it.
    Wishing you a happy 2013!

  2. therocchronicles Says:

    Love the photos and your list!

  3. rhemashope Says:

    I’ve been thinking of you! So glad to see it was a successful day at the office with Jay. That’s two years in a row, right?! Always great to see pics – love the uggs and the pic of him on the phone. =)

  4. […] We walked in the door and small man went straight to my desk and asked me for a candy-cane.  For a split second I wondered where that had come from.  But of course!  He associates the place with Christmas.  After all, he really only ever comes to work with me for our annual potluck/Christmas fun day. […]

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