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Spider Man? January 7, 2013

Mom, can I get spider man, pleeeease?”


Spider Man?  That’s odd I thought.  He’s never shown any interest in any super hero stuff before.  But Ace loves all things super hero so probably Jay is taking after his older brother.  It wouldn’t be the 1st time he’d switched interests because his big bro had gotten into something new.

OK” I said and I let it go.


I heard Jay asking the question again but I didn’t pay it much mind.

I cant say what I was doing when he asked; it doesn’t much matter; without looking up, I told him yes he could and then I went back to whatever I was doing.

A while later it came again. The same question. More requests for spider man. Again I said it was ok and off he ran.

I did absently wonder which of Ace’s many Spider Mans (men?) Jay had taken an interest in but that moment was brief and it passed. I didn’t hear them fighting and I was busy cleaning or cooking or sorting through clothes or facebooking to really care.  After all, if there’s no crying or yelling, then everything must be OK.

Plus, Jay has a tendency to repeat the same things over and over or to ask us to repeat things for him after he’s said it. It doesn’t always mean he’s really asking for more of something. It could just be that he’s taking comfort in the repeating game.


It had to happen about 5 times or so over the course of an hour. Him asking for Spider Man and me giving my approval.


For some reason, I had gotten up and walked into the kitchen and that’s when I saw it.  The giant sized bottle on the counter.  I thought it was weird because I know I had put it back earlier that morning.  Oh well.


Then Jay came again … “Mom, can I have, Spider Man, please?”

I said OK and he reached for the giant bottle of gummy vitamins.

NO!” I said as the realization sunk in.  He hadn’t been saying Spider Man at all.  He’d been saying Vitamins.


Since the kids know they are allowed 2 per day, he had been taking 2 each time I said he could.  That means he had a total of about 12 little gummy bear vitamins in one day – and was happily going back for more.

Thank God it wasn’t something more serious than that.


I guess whenever Jay says something that seems out of character – even if I’m sure of what I think he’s saying – I should check it out.

Bad Mummy.


5 Responses to “Spider Man?”

  1. Lisa Says:

    It happens…glad you caught it! I had the same exact issue with Tate when he was about Jay’s age. You aren’t alone…

  2. solodialogue Says:

    Oh my goodness!! We had a similar issue with my son’s melatonin but he didn’t use his words – he brought me the bottle and asked for more “juice”. Thank goodness he brought me the bottle! And now it’s placed WAY out of his reach! Lisa’s right! You’re not alone!

  3. Michelle Says:

    Now if only you pronounced Vitamin like us Brits do, the problem would never have occurred! LOL!

  4. caffieneplease Says:

    That is something that would probably happen at my house. If the kids are quiet, its all good, right? lol
    My son asks me for “benadryl” when he really means ginger ale.

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