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Waiting Room Freak Out January 24, 2013

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OK … So last night I was back in the OT waiting room.  There was a whole new topic being discussed.  I didn’t join in this one because I had no experiences to share but I did listen and even though I tried to maintain a calm demeanor, on the inside, I was FREAKING OUT.


I’m going to speak delicately for this one so please try to read the words that I’m NOT saying.


One mother was saying that she was having an issue with her son getting “happy” when he sees girls in any state of undress.  She said it happens at the beach or pool and even at home if he’s around while a girl is not fully clothed.  She said she had to be very careful changing her clothes or going from the bathroom to her bedroom after a shower because he is just way too interested in her lady parts.

She said her son is not at all self-conscious about his body and when he gets “happy”, he will just whip it out and … you fill in the blank.  She had tried all the ways she could think of to teach him about puberty in a way that he would understand and to teach him what he should and should not do in public.  So far, her efforts have not been successful.  Developmentally, his body is way ahead of his brain.


Her son is EIGHT and what’s worse is that she said this started OVER A YEAR AGO.

She wasn’t alone.  Other moms had similar issues or at least had heard of moms with similar issues.


Jay is 5.  Ace is 6.

I don’t see any signs at all, from either of my kids, that any of this is on the radar, but is it really something I need to start thinking about now … or by next year???

Should I already be planning on how to handle it when it does come up?  <– I couldn’t help myself with that pun.  Sorry. (lol)


I’m so not ready.


2 Responses to “Waiting Room Freak Out”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Oh my goodness!! Jake is 9 and we don’t have that issue. We have discussed where it is acceptable to touch–and when. He gets it. He is giggly when he sees semi-clad women, but isn’t aroused yet. Eeek! Now I am panicking!!!!!

  2. caffieneplease Says:

    I’m not ready either! Mine is 7!

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