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Dentist, Nanas, Crabs, Sleeping In, Animal Bucket March 4, 2013

It’s nice when everyone gets what they want out of a weekend.  It doesn’t happen often so when it does, I need to document it.


On Friday, our fave Italiana came over.  You know her as Nanas.  Our friend, baby sitter, angel.  She is so great with our boys and has been on this ride with us since Ace was 2 months old.  She’s toughed it through sleepless nights with a crying Jay and she’s cleaned up vomit from a sick Ace.  And even though it’s not her job anymore, she chooses to stick around.  We love her.


So anyway, as I was saying … Nanas came over on Friday night as did our usual neighbour crew and we hung out and laughed and watched TV and the guys had drinks.  Nanas made it clear that she was not impressed with CC ordering pizza from Papa Johns.  Real Italians don’t care for Papa Johns I guess.  🙂


On Saturday morning, CC pulled the “it’s my birthday” card and got out of going to the childrens dentist appointments.  Nanas, Jay, Ace and I ventured out.  Ace was up 1st and while they were able to get his cleaning done it was not without somewhat of a fight.  He wriggled and complained but we got through it.

Jay who had been quite happy until we stepped into the dental office started to clam up.  He wrapped himself around my leg and you could feel the anxiety and tension building in him.  When Ace was done, I told Jay it was his turn.  He repeated “Jay turn” then went and lay down.  He cried throughout the entire process BUT he never made an attempt to get up.  He lay there and although he was loud and there were tears, he took the cleaning like a champ.  We didn’t need to call in any reinforcements to hold him down like we have had to do previously.  When his teeth were counted, cleaned and vitamined (yes, I make up words – what you gonna do about it?), I told him he was all done and he got up with lightning speed and hugged me.  I was incredibly proud.

On the way home Ace asked to go to the park so we did.  That gave CC even more quiet birthday time.


We arrived home just before CC’s mom and brothers got there.  Nanas stayed with the kids while the rest of us went to stuff our faces with crabs and lobsters and calamari.  CC’s favourite kinds of food.

The crab feast was followed by CC and I going out on the town – alone.  We ate some more.  We drank.  We slept in late on Sunday … and then finally it was time for Nanas to go home.


OMG!  I forgot to talk about the bucket.  OK, so while Ace loved everything about having Nanas spend 2 nights with us and CC enjoyed his alone time and his crab lunch with his Mom and brothers and I loved sleeping till 11am on Sunday, Jay loved his animal bucket.

Nanas hadn’t seen Jay since his birthday back in January so she came bearing a gift.  She had taken a plastic bucket with a lid and decorated it with animals and his name and inside was a variety of different, individually bought, animals.  Jay carried this bucket around with him all weekend.  Definitely one of his favourite gifts that he’s ever gotten.

Told ya Nanas was great.  She doesn’t know it yet but I’m gonna ask her to do a guest post one day.


Overall, it was a great weekend.  Filled with lots of stuff but not feeling rushed or hectic at all.  Here’s to more like it.


One Response to “Dentist, Nanas, Crabs, Sleeping In, Animal Bucket”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I love weekends like these! 🙂

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