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Derby Drama March 15, 2013

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It’s been just about a week since we went to Ace’s Pinewood Derby at a local mall with the Boy Scouts.  I was just going to take Ace and leave Jay home with CC, but as soon as Jay saw Ace and I changing our clothes, he went and got himself dressed.

Side Note: I don’t mean to gloss over that cause it’s huge.  Jay wanted to go out with us and got himself ready.  Even with what happened next, I can appreciate the progress that lies there.


We were fresh off the “losing Jay” incident so I wouldn’t have brought him if my little (24 yr old) sister hadn’t been with us to provide extra eyes and hands.  We don’t spend a lot of time together, so I was really happy to see my sister and to have her there with me and my boys.  She’s not well-versed in all things Jay and Ace so I thought this was a great opportunity for her to learn more about them and for them to get to know her.  I just wanted this to be an all-round fun family day.

In a nut shell … Jay ran and screamed and got in the middle of the Derby race and screamed some more.  He purposely squirted juice onto the floor (I’ve never seen him do that before).  He ran in and out of a photo booth stand.  He was just ALL OVER THE PLACE and he was LOUD.  My sister chased after him and we both tried to keep him occupied and quiet.  Nothing worked.  He was miserable.

I held out as long as I could until I decided it was best that my sister take him to the car and wait it out there for Ace to be finished.  I hoped he would fall asleep once he was in the car.

Jay refused to leave the mall with my sister.  When I say he hollered … He HOLLERED!  It was a tantrum the likes of which we haven’t seen in AGES!

He yelled Ace’s name at the top of his lungs and tried to pull away from her.  Jay is only 5 years old and he’s on the small side, but when little man gets his mind set on something, he practically turns into the Hulk.  Add to that, the fact that my sister makes it to 5 feet if she tip-toes and weighs a whopping 100 lbs when she’s carrying 10 lbs of groceries.  It was not a pretty sight.  It seriously looked like she was trying to kidnap him.  She was completely out of her league.

I left my Ace at the Derby – praying that nothing would happen to him while I was gone since he was there with his troup – and helped my sister get Jay out to the car.  I was hot and sweating and hoping that no-one would call the cops on the 2 women stealing a little boy.


I rushed back to the Derby and managed to finally pay some attention to Ace and his Mach 5 that he had made and was so excited about.

He didn’t win but he did get a “good job” medal which he was proud of and it didn’t seem like his day had been totally ruined by Jay and his commotion.

My day had been pretty much trashed.



Everything happens for a reason.

God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.

Blah blah blah …

I don’t want to hear it.  Sometimes this just sucks.





5 Responses to “Derby Drama”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Yes, it does. ((Hugs)) Thinking of you, my friend.

  2. solodialogue Says:

    That was a hard one, my friend. It does linger once it’s over, though, doesn’t it? Sending lots of hugs to both you and your sister and btw, congrats to Ace!

  3. Brinabird Says:

    Do you know you are the second person I have heard talk about the whole God thing. Sometimes it is the only thing people know to say in certain situations for comfort. I can certainly understand that it is really hard sometimes and I am so glad that you have this blog to vent!

  4. Boy oh boy! Fun times! My little guy is very load at the moment. He screeches like someone is murdering him – and that is him having fun!! So my sympathy is with you! I hate those times. I usually end up in tears, angry – not at my boy but at how difficult it all is at times. And how no one ever asks if they can help. Best thing is when you share these stories (much later) with friends and you can laugh about the whole horrible incident. And yeah..,blogging helps too 🙂

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