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Sometimes Things Work Out March 16, 2013

Not too long ago, I casually mentioned on here that I was once again fighting with my health insurance company about coverage for the kids therapy.  I also mentioned that I was once again fighting with Jay’s child study team.  Well I am happy to report that both those fights seem to have taken a turn for the better.


After much phone calling and with A LOT of help from the therapy place, we got the insurance company to cover most of the childrens private therapy.  Where they were initially agreeing to only pay $15 per session, per child, they have now agreed to pay $45.  That makes a huge difference when you multiply weekly therapy by 2 children.  We are still responsible for a portion of the bill but that’s $240 a month that we won’t have to find.


Since I was getting nowhere with Jay’s child study team by talking to them, I decided to send an e-mail.  We need to get him re-evaluated and we need to find him a kindergarten class for the 2013/2014 school year.  I know which school I want him to go to.  It’s not his “home” school so I know there will be some wrangling involved.  I’m ready to wrangle.  I copied all the relevant people on the e-mail and I outlined my frustrations.  Wouldn’t you know that I received a phone call that very same day and Jay has been bumped up on the list and we now have a date scheduled to meet and get the process started.


I feel much better about those 2 things and I am glad that I can (for now) cross them off my list of things to stress over.


Yesterday evening, on the spur of the moment, CC suggested that the family go out to dinner.  It was lovely.  The 4 of us ate and laughed and sang songs and played table games.  It was the best dinner out that we have had together in a long time.  Often, when we go out to eat, we end up rushing to finish our meal because one of us starts getting fussy.  Last night there was none of that.  In fact, we stayed for dessert and each of us walked out with a smile on our face and a wave to the wait staff.


Today, early on a Saturday morning, we are heading to the Dept of Motor Vehicles.  My car registration expired 2 weeks ago and I just realized it.  I can’t renew online because I can’t find the renewal notice that was sent in the mail and that renewal notice has some sort of number that is necessary for online transactions.  I was talking to a friend of mine (hey Robbo) and he told me that the police are within their rights to tow a car that is parked on the street without a valid registration.  It happened to him.  Thank the universe that didn’t happen to me before I made my way to the DMV.


Our life is a mess.

But so too there are times when things work out in our favour and I do love when that happens.



2 Responses to “Sometimes Things Work Out”

  1. Andrea Says:

    This comment is a bit late but that’s caz i started late. Deenie, i cannot stop telling you how much i luv u and ur family and it is the honest truth. Deenie,CC,Jay and Ace are blessing from God, he sent the perfect husband into ur life caz he knew the plans he had for u and he knew that no one else wud be there to stand with u and stand up for u. He is going to take care of more of those medical bills, he just doing more research like you. Have a Blessed Day, Deenie, CC, Ace and Jay.

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