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Door Hanger March 20, 2013

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Ace hung a thing on his bedroom door knob with his name on it.  Kinda like this …



CC asked him why he made a door hanger with only his name on it since he and Jay share the room.


I was here 1st and I’m allowing him to share the room with me so only my name deserves to be on the door.”


Well, there you have it.


Later on, Ace did put a sticker on the door that he says is for Jay’s benefit.  I’m not sure how since it’s an Iron Man sticker and nothing Jay has ever said or done has ever indicated that he is a fan of Tony Stark.  Ace on the other hand is a huge fan.

It all sounds very suspicious to me.


One Response to “Door Hanger”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Laila is a bit like that with her Daddy. She was here first so it’s her Daddy and sometimes she’ll share him with Max!! Maybe he needs something that feels like it’s really his? We put so much emphasis on sharing, but I think sometimes it’s OK for them to have something that really belongs to them and no-one else…

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