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Happy Boys March 28, 2013

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I am currently on vacation with one of my very bestest and dearest friends.  We will spend 6 days lounging around on the beach, sipping on fruity drinks with brightly coloured umbrellas in them and laughing our butts off.  I totally have to thank my hubby for being awesome enough to hold down the fort while I get this break.


I won’t post for a while so I leave you with these images.  I may have posted some of them before but oh well.  The pictures are not all centered or in focus or shot with proper lighting but you and I know that’s not what’s important.  They show my boys playing and laughing together and loving up on each other and that’s my favourite thing ever.  There’s one of them sleeping too, which is when they are on their best behaviour. 🙂


To steal some words from a friend of mine … “Peace and Blessings” until I return!



Jersey City-20120508-00201

Jersey City-20120508-00203 Jersey City-20120508-00204 Image


Jersey City-20130210-01476ImageImage

Kids - May 2011 135 MD with Judi & Keisha - March 2011 088



3 Responses to “Happy Boys”

  1. Brinabird Says:

    Amazing photos! So great to see that special bond between them.

    Enjoy your holiday and ahmmmm not too many “fruity” drinks please 🙂

  2. Ann Kilter Says:

    Those are the best kinds of pictures.

    • Ann Kilter Says:

      Have a fantastic time on your vacation! And kudos to your husband for letting you go…My husband did that for me, too. He stayed home with the kids while I went for a quilting retreat once a year.

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