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Blogging – Speed Dating Style April 8, 2013

I’ve never speed-dated but I do know someone who has.  He came back with funny stories.  Everyone knows what it is though. Men and women are allowed a short amount of time to get to know each other and then are rotated to meet other new people.  Since I’ve been out of blogging commission for a while I’m kind of backed up with stories and time isn’t going to stand still while I catch up so I’m going to speed-blog my way through the last week and a half.  I’ll start typing and when my minute is up, I’ll move on to the next topic.  I’ll miss some of, many of , most of the details but that’s the way this cookie is gonna have to crumble. 

Here goes …


My trip was good.  I won’t say it was great only because at some point everyday it rained.  I did get some beach and some sun and some fun and some relaxing and some good food and some good drinks.  The time off from my real life was great.  CC had his hands full with Jay.  That’s a nice way of saying Jay cried and fussed and screamed a lot.  I don’t think I’ll get another break like that again any time soon. 

*Ding* <– that’s my bell to move on. 


I came back on Wednesday and on Thursday, I took Jay to his social skills group.  It was a really rough one.  Maybe being on spring break is what made him go haywire but he cried and screamed A LOT.  Much like he had done all week with CC.  It started when his therapist took off his hoody – which didn’t used to be an issue.  It took a long time for the OT to calm him down and I had to stay with them the entire time.  We decided he needs more one on one time so we took him out of the group (AGAIN) and he’s going back to having one on one sessions. 



We signed Ace up for the Boys & Girls club.  He’s excited but surprisingly, he tells me that he’s shy about meeting new friends.  They will pick him up from school and keep him there till 6:30.  They have all kinds of activities which we hope will wear him out and then allow him to be more calm during class time.  We’ll see if it works.  Today is his 1st day.



We didn’t do Easter or an Easter egg hunt since I wasn’t here but the amazing Nanas got each boy his own special Easter box.  Jay had animal themed eggs and Ace got super hero themed eggs.  Both boys were happy with that.  She also gave each boy $5 and since Jay didn’t show any interest in his money, Ace has decided that he has $10 to spend. 



Jay didn’t get to take school pictures in the fall because of Hurricane Sandy.  They will take them tomorrow.  I’m really hoping they come out nicely.  I never worry about whether or not Ace’s pictures will be nice.  He loves a camera.  Jay is more unpredictable.  I can’t exactly send out or hang up pictures of just one kid though so whether or not anyone gets Ace’s pictures are hinging on how Jay’s pictures come out.



We’ve gotten to the point where sharing a room is not working out so well for the boys.  They love each other and they do play well together sometimes BUT they are SOOOOOOO different and they each need different things and they fight a lot and they need a break from each other.  We don’t have a way to give them separate rooms unless we move so now that’s something CC and I are seriously thinking about.  For the kids sanity as well as our own.



I totally missed April 2nd and Autism Awareness Day.  Oh well.  Not that I don’t care.  Of course I care.  It’s my life.  But I just don’t have the energy for it this year.  We’re also not doing the Autism Speaks Walk this year.  I’m not boycotting.  I’m just busy and my plate is full.  I won’t spend any time debating whether it should be autism awareness or autism acceptance or autism action.  I’ve read enough of other people’s opinions and again, I’m too busy living my life and trying to help my son, to focus on any of that other stuff.



Jay has taken a liking to video games.  CC started him on Spyro and Mini Ninjas which are kid friendly but Jay has decided he wants to play God of War.  I don’t know how I feel about that.  I think the part he likes about it, is figuring out the puzzles (which is awesome) but does it make me a bad mom if I let my 5-year-old play violent games?  I remember playing fighting and shooting games on my Sega when I was about 11 or 12.  I turned out (mostly) ok.  Anyway, he gets really into the games once he starts and ends up getting angry when things don’t go his way so then we have to turn the game off.  This story is still developing.



Ace is a better reader than I realized.  We went to the library and he chose the book “If You Bring A Mouse To School.”  In the car, on the way home, he read the entire thing to us.  The only word he didn’t know was “experiment” and even then he tried to sound it out and didn’t butcher it too badly.  I think it’s time he started reading chapter books.  Gonna take him back to the library today to pick one.



I had a lot of blog posts to catch up on when I got back.  Rest assured, if your blog is one that I usually read, I’m all caught up now.  I just haven’t commented because I’m so far behind and I’m trying to get my legs back under me.  I got to work this morning and there were 280 e-mails waiting for me.  And of course, more new ones kept coming in all day.  I’ll start commenting again soon.



The last thing that I was going to say today will have to wait, because that one I think needs its own post.   Here’s a teaser … We spent the day last Saturday at my cousins house.  There were good moments and there were not so good moments and there were moments that touched my heart and moments that made me feel like an awful mom. 



*Ding ding ding ding*

 I’m all out of time.



5 Responses to “Blogging – Speed Dating Style”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I hope that Ace enjoys the Boys and Girls’ Club! And yay for chapter books!! I hope it goes well.

    I also hope that Jay does ok in his one-on-one sessions. Maybe Jay would like Minecraft or Mario Brothers or Skylanders? Those aren’t really violent, and still allow for puzzle-solving. Of course, if the current game holds his fancy, I’m sure you and CC will figure something out for him!! 🙂

    Glad to see you’re back…hope today goes well at the office.

  2. Brinabird Says:

    gosh so much happening. I hope things with Jay settle back down. My wee man is starting to push a lot of boundaries now and I find my patience stretched, I don’t want to compare but I can only imagine the pressure you feel under sometimes! Not sure about the video games, everyone will have a theory, so with things like television, sweets and all that is bad I usually just go with what we as a family feel. Ding!

  3. solodialogue Says:

    I love your approach to this one! You wrap each topic up so nicely! Maybe that social skills was less about the social skills and more about missing his mama? Toots shows no interest in money either! He’s had money from the tooth fairy from two years ago that is just getting dusty… A move is a huge thing – exciting but a lot of work in more ways than one… social story anyone? Glad you had a mostly good vacation. 🙂

  4. Speed blogging – it could catch on! Screaming – I am so over screaming and after 2 weeks of holidays with my boys – sharing rooms, I’m really feeling that one as well!!

  5. […] mentioned the other day that Jay would be taking 2012/2013 school pictures.  They came in … and they are … well … very much […]

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