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The 2012/2013 Version April 25, 2013

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I mentioned the other day that Jay would be taking 2012/2013 school pictures.  They came in … and they are … well … very much him.


*Before I go on, I would like to apologize for my ghetto-ness.  I was too lazy to actually find and scan pictures, so I used my handy dandy phone and took pictures of the pictures – some of which were in frames.  So the quality of the pictures is not great – but whatever.  You won’t miss the point of this post. 


Taking pictures has been quite the journey for us.  OK just me.  I’m the only one who really cared.  The 1st time Jay ever posed for a picture he was almost 4 years old.  Less than 2 years ago.  Since then there have been  many wonderful pictures of both Ace and Jay that I’ve taken.  Both posed and candid.  But I wasn’t lying 2 weeks ago when I said, Ace is pretty much guaranteed to take a stellar school picture, but Jay is unpredictable.


Here are some pictures that have come back from the professionals in the past.

Ace                                                      Jay

ace pose 2     jay pose 5

(Jays looks like a mug shot)


Ace                                                       Jay

ace pose 3     jay pose 3

(Jays face is so NOT Christmassy)


Ace                                                       Jay

ace pose 1     jay pose 2

(This one of Jay is not bad. In fact, it’s pretty darn cute)


And the newest additions … 2012/2013

Ace                                                       Jay

ace pose 4     jay pose 4


I couldn’t stop laughing when Jay brought his picture home yesterday.  I love it.  It’s hanging on my wall at work as we speak.

I love it because he TRIED to take a good picture.  He wasn’t looking away.  He wasn’t angry.  He actually posed.  They asked him to say cheese and he said it.  The cheese just didn’t translate into a genuine smile.  I actually think if they had asked him to smile (instead of saying cheese) he would have.  We’ll never know but I don’t care.


2 years later, I’m still not over the fact that Jay will sit and pose for pictures so even though he may not be the next child model for the Gap, I think this picture is a winner.





In totally unrelated news … If you’re wondering why I named the blog “life on the j train“, it’s because for a long time, my boys were all about trains and I felt very clever combining the “J” with his love of trains.  (As I was looking thru the pictures on the posts I linked to, I was reminded of the train phase since in almost all his pictures, Jay was holding one.)  At the time, I assumed (silly me for assuming anything) that Jay would be stuck on trains forever.  2 years ago, when I 1st started learning about autism, I thought that once an autistic person got stuck on something that wouldn’t change.  I was prepared to have Thomas the Tank Engine be a part of my life forever.  That has not been the case and while I don’t miss Thomas and his friends at all, I do still love my blog name.


6 Responses to “The 2012/2013 Version”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Such handsome boys…and I love the picture, too. Jay is priceless. Ace looks great, too! I completely understand where you’re coming from…when my older 2 boys were in daycare they would do pictures..and we’d have to pay ahead of time. I always ended up with fabulous pictures of Jake..and Tate’s were hit or miss…mostly miss.

    And, I thought “Life on the “j” train” was because “J” train was a nickname for Jay! 🙂

    • Hey Lisa – We do have to pay ahead of time so I always pick the cheapest avail package. The blog name was a combination of the train obsession and the “J” for Jay’s name. I thought it was a neat way to combine both. 🙂

  2. Andrea Says:

    Hey Deenie. I am stuck on your Blogs, i check it daily. Ace and Jay are really handsome boys no matter the “cheesy” smiles. He will get better at it as time goes by. Have a wonderful day Deenie, CC, Ace and special of all Jay 🙂

  3. De Says:

    I love it! So adorable. You know, my son did the same thing. The first school photo we got of him really smiling (this fall), it was the big “say cheese” fake smile. I’m staring at it right now. 🙂 I bet next year they’ll both have more natural smiles. They’ll get this thing down! 🙂

  4. Brinabird Says:

    The boy looks damn cute in ALL the pictures x

  5. rhemashope Says:

    Omigosh. The first time I ever came to your blog I instantly fell in love because you had posted pictures of your beautiful boys. All I could think was “I want one!!!”

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