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April 30th Again April 30, 2013

I re-read the post I had written last year this time; April 30th; the last day of Autism Awareness month.  I was curious to see if or how my thinking had changed since then.

Basically, nothing has changed.  The same thing I wished for last year, is the same thing I wish for this year so I’ll give it to you again.  I bolded the part that I feel particularly strongly about.



My hope with awareness is not that people will know that Autism exists.  My hope is that people will learn something about it.  I hope that people will ask smart questions.  I hope that people will reach out and offer help to someone who needs it.  I hope that people will see that even though it does come with challenges (for some more than others), people with autism are not people to be afraid of.  I hope that people will feel less uncomfortable being around our stimmies.  I hope that by learning the varied effects that autism has, people will be less judgmental and more caring.  I hope that by getting to actually know someone with autism, people will see that there’s much more to our children than their disabilities or delays or silence or outbursts or obsessions or anxiety.  I hope that people will feel compelled to donate to autism related charities so they can keep doing research and so they can help families – like mine.  I hope that people will teach their children about compassion and will encourage them to reach out to a kid who seems to be struggling or looks like he needs a friend.  I hope that my son will grow up in a world where he is valued as an important member of the society and not seen as “weird” or “stupid” or “retarded”.



I took a big step this month in opening up my blog and my life to anyone who cares to read about it.  It was very scary and I had a few nights of not sleeping well after I hit “enter”.  I thought back on all the things I had written before and wondered if there was anything that I should take down.  I did edit one post slightly.  Don’t worry, it wasn’t any of the ones that make me look bad.  Those are still all there.

Seriously though, I believe that while having blue nails is cool, the single biggest thing I can personally do to raise awareness and de-mystify autism is to be truthful about what it’s like for real people.  Nothing has ever changed because people were silent about it.  The response has been all positive and I really appreciate everyone who took the time to let me know that reading my blog has helped them to understand autism better.


2 Responses to “April 30th Again”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Good for you! I did the same thing a few months ago…it is a little scary, but I agree, we have to be open and willing to share in order to demystify autism.

  2. Andrea Says:

    Morning Deenie,CC, Ace and Jay. I was overwhelmed the day i saw Life on the Jay Train pop up, i never thought it was someone i knew until i saw the pics of two handsome little boys that i never met but loved so much. I wish more people would open up like you and many others and not play hypocrites about the fact that their children are autistic and stop hiding them from people. I would really like to spend a day with an autistic child and experience what their parents experience on a daily basis. I know it mite not be easy but it would help me to help an autistic child. Children are beautiful in the sight of god and others and should never have to experience hurt or discrimination. Deenie, as far away as i am from you i hope you feel my love and appreciation for you and your family. I luv u guys very much and i will support you in any way i can. Luv u, luv u, luv u, LUV U 🙂

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