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Our CT Family May 28, 2013

We spent the weekend with our friends Sun Man, S-Bird and their 2 little boys who I would dare anyone not to fall in love with if they met them.  We love them all. For real, we love them all, a lot.  Maybe we fit with them so well because they are just that awesome or maybe we fit well with them because they are a little wacky too.  I mean … They do things like bon fire in the rain and shoot water at my son through the window as he’s trying to use the bathroom and yell at me for cutting up my sons food for them.  They claim to not be cold even when it’s clearly freezing and they offer to let me take whatever I want from their house only to renege when I ask for the good stuff 🙂


We got there on Saturday at 12:30pm and from that moment on, the laughs never stopped.  How can you not laugh when you are at a bbq and the adults are all in the kitchen; eating, drinking and dancing to 80’s and 90’s rap songs?  How can you not laugh when your known-to-be-clumsy son starts scooting and says “Look, I’m not falling” and then immediately lands on his bum?  How can you not laugh when you are discussing cloacas.  Don’t look it up. (But if you do, you’ve been warned.)  How can you not laugh when 5 and 6 year old boys sing the Thrift Shop song?  How can you not laugh when there are 6 little boys and 1 grown man playing a single basketball game with 3 balls at once and then a butterfly comes and all the boys stop playing to chase the butterfly with a net?  How can you not laugh when that net, and 1 of the basketballs, then ends up on your sons head?



In addition to the laughs there were the moments like when we were at the bbq, and all the kids were outside and then Jay started running to the neighbours yard and the other kids stopped him so he cried and screamed because he didn’t like them telling him that he couldn’t go there so CC brought him inside which also made him mad because he wanted to be outside with the other kids and the dog but we didn’t think he would stop going “out of bounds” and neither CC nor I wanted to chase after him to make sure that he stayed where he was supposed to so Sun Man held his hand and walked him to the edge of the yard where little yellow flags were planted and calmly explained to him that he cannot go past the flags and there was no more crying or running into the neighbours yard after that and everyone spent a chilly, but happy time outside.

*whew, that was a long sentence*



Some of the things that stick out in my head from the weekend are things like Jay wanting to sleep in the same bed with the other 3 boys.  A thing that a couple of years ago he wouldn’t have cared about at all.  Things like no-one batting an eye because Jay wouldn’t eat the hotdogs or hamburgers that had been prepared and he was offered cereal instead.  Things like people not being offended or thinking he was rude when they asked Jay for hugs and he yelled “NO!” at them.  (He did eventually give hugs).  Things like no-one caring that Jay wouldn’t pose for group pictures and was instead running around the yard looking for worms and caterpillars.  Things like S-Bird checking if Jay would be alright going to watch a movie before we finalized the plan.  Things like an impromptu water gun fight and Jay eating his noodles through a hole in the blanket.



I’m sure I will remember other things about the weekend throughout the day and week but I’ll stop here because I think I have made my point.


These friends of ours are incredible and we are very lucky to have them.


6 Responses to “Our CT Family”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Looks like a fun group of boys there!! Your weekend sounded fantastic!

  2. Now that sounds like a great weekend!

  3. Michelle Says:

    sounds like so much fun! Max would die for that Pirate boat house in the garden!

  4. Andrea Says:

    I am so jealous of u and ur family and friends rite now but, i am Happy that u all had a wonderful weekend.

  5. rhemashope Says:

    Hooray! Sounds like the best friends to have – friends that make life half as hard and twice as good.

  6. therocchronicles Says:

    Love friends like these! So glad you have them!

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