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Not Just Pictures, Commentary Too June 6, 2013

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Sorry for any awkwardly cropped (and therefore blurry) pictures. I’m trying to protect the other park patrons identities.




I like taking the kids to the park.  BOTH kids love it for all the obvious reasons.  There is lots of space to run around.  There are things to climb on and swing on and spin on.  There are other kids to play with.  There is even usually an ice-cream truck lurking around.  I love anything that we can all enjoy as a family and after being cooped up all winter, I definitely start to crave vitamin D.  Now that the summer time heat is in full swing, there are also fake beaches and sprinkler parks to have splashy fun at.  Did I mention that it’s free and only a 5 minute drive from home?

Last weekend we did the sprinkler park for the 1st time this year.  It was no big shock that Ace loved it and got soaking wet within 5 seconds of us parking the car.

6 2


Jay saw the water park but headed for the regular playground.  That’s what he’s (we’re) used to doing.

After a while, a wet Ace came to ask Jay to join him at the water park.



Jay said he wasn’t interested so he and Ace did what they always do at the park.  They climbed and slid and climbed on something else and ran around from structure to structure.

8 4 5


After all that climbing and running, the kids began to get very hot.  I wasn’t hot because all I was doing was standing around in the shade taking pictures.



For Ace, juice wouldn’t cut it.  He needed more cooling than a juice pouch could provide.  For him, it was time to head back to the water side of the park.  Jay decided to follow him this time – not to get wet mind you – just to see what it was all about.



I imagine Jay was thinking:

Hmm, this is something new but it doesn’t look sooooooo bad.  Maybe I should take a closer look.  Ya know, just to see what all the excitement is about.



Now, I imagine Jay is thinking:

OK, so water gets poured into those buckets and then after a while, it dumps out and makes a big splash.  Then with this thing over here … At 1st there’s no water, but if you stay there long enough, water shoots up through the ground like a, a, a whale.  Interesting.  Maybe I can try getting a little bit wet.  Not my clothes or head, just my feet.  Yes, that’s it.  I’ll get my feet wet.”

20 17 18

(Notice him holding his shorts up?  lol)


Slowly, and by slowly I mean we had been there for 2 hours already, Jay got wetter and wetter but never did get his shirt or his head wet.


The next day we went to a different sprinkler park but by then Jay was a pro.  He still took his time getting wet, but it only took him 1/2 an hour to go from just his feet to THIS …



(Putting his head in the sprinkler)



(Full body soaking)


It was a really great couple of days with my boys.  I even got in on the action.


(Photo courtesy of Ace)


This weekend I was really hoping to have a repeat performance but the weather will be more suited for the movies than the playground.  We will have to wait to go back to the parks.  The good part of that is that it will give me time to dig up their swim trunks so they won’t be the only ones at the park wearing regular clothes.  *Silly Mummy*


And as a brawta (For you non-Jamaicans, brawta means bonus) … Here are a few other misc pics from our 2 glorious days outside, enjoying our neighborhood.




(Not sitting down so as not to get his clothes sandy)





7 Responses to “Not Just Pictures, Commentary Too”

  1. Looks like so much fun! Must be nice to have such a cool place only 5 minutes away!

  2. OneLoCoMommy Says:

    What awesome pictures – they really show what a great time you all had. There’s a couple around here we need to check out this summer, now that both of them really are into that type of stuff. And I’m all about stuff that makes them tired. 😉

  3. sarahnicole8 Says:

    Beautiful…I love this. What lovely family time. xx Enjoy the sun, it’s just hitting fullblown winter here in Melbourne, Australia and I have fond memories of our summer at the beach, Ishan just started getting his shirt wet this year for the first time. What brave boys 😉 We are getting rain and cold here, but these photos reminded me of summertime again, of fun, laughter, warmth and sunshine, thank you. xx

  4. aww, looks like fun, I love that jay took his time and made it work for him 🙂

  5. […] don’t know if any of you noticed in yesterdays post that Jay was wearing a fedora in the last picture.  That fedora is mine.  For some reason, Jay […]

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