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Moving On June 13, 2013

Here’s a recap of Jay’s Pre-K graduation ceremony.  Calling it a ceremony is a bit of a stretch but it didn’t sound right to call it his Pre-K graduation “thing”.


Basically, it was a huge success.  It was short and simple.  There were no caps and gowns or anything pompy and circumstancy.  Instead they all wore matching T-Shirts and khaki bottoms.


CC and I walked the block and a ½ to Jay’s school and went straight to the auditorium.

Right on time, the pre-k kids and their teachers started walking down the aisle to their seats in the front row.

I could tell from the look on Jay’s face that he was wondering what was going on but he was taking it all in stride.

All the kids were.

They sat down and that’s when he spotted CC and I.  We were 2 rows behind him.  He smiled at us but kept sitting quietly with his classmates.

The schools principal said a few welcoming words and then the children all walked up onto the stage to do their performance.  They said the pledge of allegiance.  I think I saw Jay’s mouth moving at a couple points but I can’t tell what he was saying.  Following the pledge, the group recited a poem.  Jay didn’t say any of it.  Instead he scripted the Goldilocks and the 3 Bears story.  I thought it was funny.   The kids then sang a song about Rainbows and that one Jay did sing along with.  I was very proud.  They then did 2 more songs which Jay didn’t really seem interested in.

When the audience applauded, he clapped too.  He looked very pleased with himself.

During one of the songs, he flashed the entire room.  To be specific, he lifted up his shirt and used his chin to hold it up, then went to pull his shorts down.  I have no idea why he felt compelled to do that but his teacher jumped in quickly enough to spare everyone from seeing Jay’s undies.  Maybe I shouldn’t have, but I thought it was funny.

The principal came up again and asked the kids to count to 20, then count backwards from 10.  They all did.  Then she asked them to say their alphabet which they did and at the end of it when they all said “Zee”, Jay loudly said “Zebra”.  I giggled in my seat.

They came down from the stage and that was it.  It was time for hugs and kisses and pictures.  They were unceremoniously given their diplomas later.


I did tear up once or twice when my thoughts took me to other places, but I didn’t actually cry.  I think that’s because I was too busy smiling or laughing and choosing to stay “in the moment”, for the tears to take over.


On Friday (tomorrow) they are going on a big field trip and that will be the grand finale of 3 years in Pre-k with a truly wonderful and warm and loving and supportive teaching staff.

In September, he will be in a new school with all new people and we will start a whole new adventure.  I’m nervous and excited and scared and looking forward to it, but sad that we’re done with this class and these teachers all at the same time.


Big Hug


2 Responses to “Moving On”

  1. Cyn Says:

    Congratulations to Jay!!! What a lovely picture of you both:) It goes way too fast doesn’t it. I felt like my son’s teachers at his pre-school were his life line (mine too) and I didn’t want to say bye. My son graduates from senior kindergarten next week…..i hope i can stay in the moment too but the invite alone sent me to tears because i remember when we didn’t know if he would be in a regular school. Congrats again:)

  2. Andrea Says:

    Loollll!!!! I wud popp up if i was there when Jay almost pulled his shorts down, guess he was just tired of being in that clothes so long. I llloooovveee reading ur posts and going thru ur pics they are just melting my heart. Congratulations first of all to Jay, then u Deenie and last but by no means least CC. 🙂

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