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All I’ve Got July 1, 2013

I haven’t been doing a good job of keeping in touch with my family or friends.

I haven’t been as supportive as I should be when people reach out to me in need of a shoulder.

I haven’t taken the time to be extra nice to someone who I can see really needs some attention or a comforting word.


I’m sorry.


I am really having a tough time not comparing problems and stresses.  It doesn’t matter if I am at home or at work or reading Facebook statuses.  I keep telling myself that “problem having” is not a competitive sport.  I know I don’t have it the worst – even if it feels that way among people I know.  It doesn’t do me any good when someone tells me of a difficult time they are having by thinking “That’s not even that bad.” or “I wish that was all I had to worry about.” or “You don’t know how easy you have it.” or “What about MY problems?”  When I see people getting help, it’s not my place to think “I need help more than they do.”

What gives me the audacity to feel so entitled?


I’m aware that I am not being the best version of myself.  I want to be better.  I am trying to be better.  When the bad thoughts come up, I immediately recognize them for what they are and try to redirect my brain.


Today, that’s all I’ve got.




6 Responses to “All I’ve Got”

  1. Boo to those people trying to one-up you.

  2. Lisa Says:

    ((hugs)) I think we all can get in that mindset from time to time. Chin up.

  3. Brinabird Says:

    Who does not think like this? I wish I were like you mode is awfully common. Don’t be too hard on yourself please.

  4. OneLoCoMommy Says:

    I can relate. No doubt it’s hard. {HUGS}

  5. Michelle Says:

    we all do this, it’s human nature, the best people recognise the behaviour and try their best to snap out of it! Like you! Don’t be so hard on yourself xxx

  6. Kim Says:

    catching up so I’m a few days late–I’ve felt this way too. You are human. xo

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