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Ready, Set and Let’s Go Summer July 2, 2013

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So it’s been settled.  We have a summer plan in place for Jay.

There were 2 realistic options.  The same program he did last year which was basically a continuation of his regular school day, just without his teacher that he loves; breakfast and lunch, school work, recess, speech and occupational therapy and nap time; the works.

Option 2 is a new state sponsored program that is all recreational.  No academics and no formal therapy.  There will be groups of 10 kids to 4 teachers (2 teachers and 2 SpEd aides).  From Monday to Friday, 9 am to 3 pm, they will play games and go on field trips and work on art and craft projects.  The focus will be on fun and fitness and socialization.


We chose option 2.


Starting next week the bus will pick my son up and off he’ll go on this new adventure.

I’m scared.

I’m trusting new people with my baby.  Trusting that they will be nice to him even when he makes it difficult and trusting that they will keep a close eye on him especially when they go on field trips and trusting that they will maintain open and frequent and honest communication with me and trusting that they will foster the kind of environment where all the children have a great time AND learn some valuable intangible skills.




Since that day I wrote about losing Jay at the store, we’ve lost him one more time.  This time we were outside and he was found standing next to a body of water.


A while back, I did what I had said I was going to do and I have been in touch with our County Police and I have an insider who confirmed that the cops did what they were supposed to do as far as inputting ours and Jay’s info into their “there’s a special needs kid living in our neighbourhood and his parents would like us to be aware of him in case anything bad happens” system.

I also got Jay a Medical ID bracelet in case he wanders off and someone who is not looking for innocent children to harm, finds him and needs to call us.

The whole thing is frightening but we can’t keep him in our sights at all times.  We can take reasonable precautions and put safety plans in place but ultimately, we have to put our faith in the people responsible for him when we are not there and hope for the best.




In other news – Jay has mastered the fine motor art of pointing and clicking so the new fight in our home – especially on rainy days of which there have been plenty this June – is who gets to play games on the laptop.  Never mind that in addition to the laptop we have 3 tablets and a Leap Pad.  *sigh*




With a little luck and a lot of sunny days spent at the pool (mine and the kids fave place), we will get through this summer with nothing other than happy memories and tan lines.





P.S.  I’m feeling much more chipper today than I was yesterday.  Thanks to all of you for not making me feel like a jerk.


9 Responses to “Ready, Set and Let’s Go Summer”

  1. You are not a jerk by any means. You are a warm and thoughtful parent who wants the best for your child. I think you are making a wise choice by sending him to option 2. I think in his own way he will have the best time he can. I will pray that their will be the right people there to help him with what he needs. If I may instill some advice – I have been where you are at and it is not easy, but in order for you to take care of him you must take care of yourself. So when he is gone do something extra special for yourself, whether it be just sitting down and reading a book all the way through, the movies or what ever just do it 🙂 and do not feel guilty about it. I learned this the hard way.

  2. Option 2 sounds like a great choice. Sure, it’s not academic or therapy, but it seems like he’ll end up learning so much.

  3. I love love love that you chose option #2 for him! Did I mention I love it? Cause I do. 😉

  4. Michelle Says:

    Option 2 rocks! Am sure he’ll love it xxx

  5. Lisa Says:

    I wish we had an Option #2. I think he’ll grow a lot with that one!! Best wishes for a fun summer!

  6. Krystal Says:

    Option 2 sounds awesome!! I also like that you followed up with your local PD to make sure that Jay was registered and the medic alert bracelet – great idea!! Found you through “Between Hope and a Hard Place”

  7. LaToya Plummer Says:

    I think he’s gonna have a great time. Look at the progress he has had this year….getting wet and wanting to play with his brother and fighting over games and saying stuff, unsolicited, to you and achieving his targets at school and all the other cool things you are gonna tell us about soon. He’ll be fine. You’ll be fine.

    We always heard in Jamaica, as we grew up, “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me”. It has been true, hasn’t it? Well the same thing applies here. When he goes off on his summer adventure, you will trust him to the Heavenly One and all the people around will be called upon to give account for him to the Heavenly One. So fret not sister, enjoy summer.

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