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Scoobert July 5, 2013

Scooby Doo




2 days ago while at the grocery store, Jay showed an interest in the snack sized bags of Scooby Snacks.  (Graham crackers shaped like dog bones). 

Scooby Snacks

We knew the likelihood of Jay actually eating them was slim but we bought them anyway.  We are always willing to take the chance just in case he really will eat something new.  


Once we got home, he asked for the Scooby Snacks so I cracked open a bag and gave it to him.  He promptly went into script mode.


Would you do it for a Scooby snack?”  he says to Ace, while holding one dog bone look-a-like.

No way” replies Ace, shaking his head furiously.

How about 2 scooby snacks?”  Jay asks as he takes another bone out of the bag.

Uh Uh, Uuhh Uh” Ace continues to play along.

Come on Scoobert.


Jay is thrilled with this game and yes, the whole thing is as cute as it sounds.

 They act out an entire scene of Scooby Doo and when all is said and done, Ace has eaten an entire bag of graham crackers and Jay has eaten none.



Earlier today I got a report that the kids were acting out scenes from Scooby Doo again. 

The good news is that they were taking turns with the roles which means that Jay was eating the graham crackers when it was his turn to be Scooby.  YAY!!!

The bad news is that poor Ace is burnt out on Scooby Snacks and doesn’t want to keep playing that game or eating those snacks. 



Quick … Someone tell me of a show that both of my kids will like, where they can act out scenes and it will get Jay to eat some other new foods.  Preferably foods that have some nutritional value.  Thanks!


3 Responses to “Scoobert”

  1. Krystal Says:

    That is awesome!! As far as another snack – I have no idea!! I’m not that creative.

  2. Michelle Says:

    in Peppa pig they eat tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce! But it won’t work as well I promise!

  3. Amber Perea Says:

    Yo Gabba has a song about there being a party in your tummy that all of the foods have to go in to be a part of the “tummy party” or they are sad.

    We tried it but Jp doesn’t like music so it was a fail. You can YouTube “Party in my tummy” 🙂

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