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The White July 19, 2013

Jay asks us questions all the time. I love that he’s so inquisitive. Lord knows I love that he will point to things in the distance and ask “What is that ?”.
Where we run into trouble is if we have a follow up question for him. He gets stuck. Not knowing what else to do, he will usually just repeat the last thing we said.

Jay : What is that?
Me : What is what honey?
Jay : What honey?
Me : What are you looking at?
Jay : Looking at?

Round and around we go. You get the picture. He ends up getting frustrated and I feel awful not being able to answer him.
On a good day, you can see that he’s trying really hard to process the information but it’s simply not coming. He will start to answer for me but then stop and wait for me to fill in the blank.
It’s a ___”.
The pleading in his bright, beautiful eyes is almost too much to bear.
On a bad day he won’t even try. He will just get upset and yell. That’s equally as painful to me.

I’ve never really been sure if Jay didn’t answer follow ups because he didn’t understand my question or because he couldn’t fit the pieces together to describe what he was looking at.

The other day he came out of his room and said “Where is it ?”
I asked him “Where is what? (pause) What do you want ?”
(I always ask 2 different ways in case one is easier for him to understand than the other)
Jay looked around a bit. He dug in between the couch cushions and then asked the question again. “Where is it ?”
I tried again, using different words. “What are you looking for?”

Then it came … My son answered me and said “Where is it? The White“.

Now, that may not have meant anything to you, but I immediately knew what he was referring to. I’m awesome like that 🙂
I asked him “Do you mean the charger?”
His face lit up like a Christmas tree. “Yes!”
I dutifully went and fetched the white i-Pad charger from where I had seen it on my dresser and he ran off.

I was then left to sit on my couch surrounded by the warm glow of hope and happiness.


5 Responses to “The White”

  1. cathmae Says:

    Love it! We are finding out through direct experience that iPads unlock language. My 17 year-old is talking to me for the first time ever. Congrats on this exciting development!

  2. rhemashope Says:

    Hooray! Oh I get it. This just melts my heart! Especially imagining him saying “It’s a __”. Our sweet kiddos try so hard. Thank God for mommies who also try so hard… xo

  3. Kim Says:

    Awesome awesome! I remember when my guy did this too! They work so hard!

  4. Krystal Says:

    I love those moments where things just “click” with us and with our kiddos!! Love love love it!!

  5. LaToya Plummer Says:

    This post left me with tears. I know how it feels. I get this feeling sometimes with my students and I feel like I can conquer the world when it happens. Thanks for sharing.

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