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Show Me – Friday Song Choice August 2, 2013

Today, the company I work for is hosting a beach party for its employees and our families.
I agree with you, it’s pretty cool of them.

I’ll be leaving work at 12, going home to load CC and the kids into the car and then we’ll make our way south to the Jersey shore.
It’ll be our first time going to the beach so far this summer.

I’m REALLY hoping that we all have fun and my boys are on their best behaviour. I’m hoping that of all the kids that will be there, mine won’t be the loudest or crankiest or runningest or selfishest. Yup, that’s right, I said it, I want someone elses kid to “out bad” my kids. I hope I won’t have to high-tail it back north on the NJ turnpike because my kid dipped his entire hand in my bosses glass to fetch an ice cube or clobbered a cute little baby with a plastic shovel. I hope we can enjoy the sun and sand and bonfire and … ahem … the free drinks.

In the spirit of having fun at a beach I’m giving you the following song. It’s a feel good reggae song by Bruno Mars who is not a reggae artist but I like Bruno and I like the song and I love when people who are not from the Caribbean embrace our culture.

What’s that you say? The song is about Bruno encouraging a woman to be loose? Don’t worry about that part. Just close your eyes, picture palm trees and pina coladas and enjoy the music.


2 Responses to “Show Me – Friday Song Choice”

  1. Uncle Says:

    Fingers crossed. I am sure that you will have a great time. Love the song.

  2. I hope you had a great time, and that someone else’s kid made yours look like angels.

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