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Is That A Green Bucket On His Head? August 7, 2013

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I think this picture is funny. Jay looks so grumpy, but he really wasn’t being grumpy at all. Just goes to show that a picture can lie!


I spent much of my down-time last weekend thinking about this post. I wanted a fun or interesting way to write about our day on Friday but I came up blank.
It is now Wednesday and I am still blanking on the fun or interesting, but I know I need to write about the really wonderful time we had at the beach; thanks in no small part to the kids being so well behaved.

In lieu of anything fancy, I’m just gonna dive right in. <– You like that? Diving. Water. Beach. Get it?

OK Here goes …

We haven't been to the beach since last year so at first, Jay balked at stepping onto the sand but then CC said "come on” and that was all she wrote. From then on, there was nothing but fun being had on the sand and in the water.

The kids had a BALL running from the waves as they crashed onto the sand. They loved getting splashed in the face with the salty water. They ran and laughed and jumped and squealed and got knocked over and laughed some more.

We tried to keep them from going too far out into the water as the waves were fairly strong and we were not in the water with them and to be honest, I don’t have kids that are built Ford tough. They’re average height but they are skinny and they don’t rank high in the muscular category. I don’t mean that in a bad way; it just is what it is. They’re not sturdy. At age 6, Ace is still wearing swim trunks that are a size 3-4.
I say we tried to keep them from going too far out because they got a little too brave for our liking on several occasions and we did have to yell at them to come closer to the shore. None-the-less, it was great fun … for them. Even if it was a little nerve-wracking for us.
After spending about 2 hours playing in the Jersey shore water – which by the way; not to sound like a beach snob because I’m from the Caribbean or anything, but the Jersey shore water is NOT pretty – we decided it was time to join the rest of our group who was under a tent eating dinner.





With no problems at all we got our boys dried, changed and seated at a table eating. They said hi to my co-workers who greeted them. They were cute and funny and not loud and didn’t even spill any juice. They were everything that I could have dreamed of.
Ace made friends with 2, five year olds and the 3 of them spent the rest of the evening playing together. Jay ran around with the other boys a bit then he went off on his own to dig in the sand and at one time was parading around with a green bucket on his head. All good stuff.


When Jay needed a break (about 3 1/2 hours into our trip), he calmly asked to go sit in the car so CC took him. Again, good stuff! Majorly good stuff!!!

I sent CC a text to let him know that a bon-fire had been started and shortly after that, he and Jay showed up. Jay, Ace and all the kids had a great time roasting marshmallows and not eating them and then roasting more while the adults were kept on their toes making sure no-one lost an eye to a roasting stick or flaming marshmallow. Fun I tell ya!

We stayed until some time after 9 pm and even then, the kids were not being miserable at all and Ace even asked nicely if we could stay a little longer. At that point he was playing volley ball with the remaining kids. We decided, however, that it had been a long day and it was time to go – ya know, before the bottom actually fell out. Without any fuss, our already clad in pajamas boys, walked with us to the car and we headed home.

The next day, Jay woke up, put on a baseball cap and let us know that he was “ready to go to the beach“. Unfortunately for him, it was raining that day but I’d say him asking for a repeat of the previous day was a good sign. So often, I’m left guessing about his feelings but that one was loud and clear.


6 Responses to “Is That A Green Bucket On His Head?”

  1. So glad you all had fun.

  2. Neil Says:

    Awesome! So much good here. Socialization, new experiences, self-advocacy, willingness to adapt to sudden changes. Congratulations!

  3. Lisa Says:

    Love this! All sorts of wonderful in this post. The running through the sand. The splashing in the water. The playing with other kiddos. The self-advocating. The self-regulation and rejoining the group. Love it all!!!!

  4. Lisa Peters Says:

    Ahh, what is it about the magical properties of the beach and boys? My two sons are also calmed by the ocean air….sure wish they could bottle the stuff for us weary Moms!

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