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Who Needs A Bath Everyday? August 23, 2013

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It’s August 23rd and I have a total of 3 published posts this month.  It’s safe to say this will be the quietest month on my blog since I began writing. There’s so much to tell you (pool stuff and a family bbq and new school year stuff and therapy stuff and our upcoming trip and pictures and Jay drawing smiley faces on a mirror with water); but I’ve been distracted.

Yes, there’s a lot going on with the kids that I want to write about but there’s a lot going on in my brain that I can’t write about and it’s causing me to not be able to write about the stuff I want to write about.  (Make sense?)

I dug up the below from my drafts folder.  It may not be properly thought out and formatted etc but it was easier than writing a new and proper post which my brain just can’t handle at this moment.




The kids have a fairly steady evening routine.  There’s some (probably not what you would think is healthy, but it’s what my kids will eat) dinner, some Legos/trains (or other toys) time, (sometimes) a bath, (ALWAYS!) warm strawberry milk, teeth brushing, maybe a story, some electronics time and then hugs, kisses and lights out.


I really love our evenings.  By 6pm, CC is ready to clock out for the day.  He’s had it with the running and the yelling and the crying and the fighting.  I totally understand that, but with me being at work all day, it’s the only time during the week that I get to spend with the boys.  It’s when I get to see them be silly and when I get to hear them say funny things.  It’s when we get to snuggle on the couch and it’s when they get to jump on my back and direct me where to walk by holding my hair.  (Think, the movie Ratatouille).  The evenings is when I get to see them get out of the bath and run around naked while I playfully yell at them to put some pajamas on and they laugh.  Then I pretend that I’m giving up on waiting for them and I’m not going to help them get dressed anymore and I start to walk away and then they say “OK OK ” and come to where I am waiting with the bottle of lotion to get them greased up.


I do think that a lot of Jay’s cuddliness and playfulness at 7pm or 8 pm is his way of stalling so he doesn’t have to go to bed – or maybe it’s him imitating Ace, but either way it’s still super cute and I still super love it.


Take one night a couple of weeks ago for instance … I was sitting on the couch when CC told the kids it was lights out time and they should come say their good nights.  Jay came out of their room with a sneaky grin and ran right past me.  I saw immediately what he was doing and I took the bait.

He ran by again and I pretended to try and grab him.  Of course I “missed” catching him.

He giggled.

He ran by a few more times.  Each time I pretended to grab and miss.  Then he jumped into my arms, in essence, “letting” me catch him.

We exchanged big, juicy hugs and tickles and then he went off to bed.


Ace will turn SEVEN in less than 2 weeks.  We’ve kind of been on his case lately about needing to act less silly and to be more mature but the truth is that I love that he still comes down from his bed 2 or 3 times before finally settling down to fall asleep and when he comes down, all he wants is “one last” hug and kiss.  I love that he still holds my hand when we walk down the street.  I love that he wants to play tag with me at the park.  I love that he feels proud of himself when I say that I love his latest Lego creation.  I love that he does magic tricks for me.  Magic tricks like having a handful of fruit snacks and then asking me to close my eyes and then telling me when it’s ok to open them and when I do all the fruit snacks are gone and he asks me where they went.




My boys are growing up faster than I could have ever imagined.  It doesn’t seem like it’s been almost 7 years since I was burping them.

There’s no way I haven’t swaddled in over 5 years.  Is there?

No matter what life throws at me, or what bumps there are in the road, I know that I will be fine as long as I have my boys to love up on – as they drive me totally insane with their mischief and quirkyness.



2 Responses to “Who Needs A Bath Everyday?”

  1. I love the silliness in my son (10 yrs.) and I even encourage it from time to time. It’s too soon that life will become too serious.

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