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Flo Rida Trip September 12, 2013


I meant to link this up with Jane over at Ethans Escapades for her Small Steps Amazing Achievements linky but I’m a day late so I’ll officially link up with her next week.  But since this is written and ready to go I’m still gonna post it here today. 



The kids have been back at school for over a week already.  We’ve met with Jay’s teacher and we feel good about how that went.  We have a meeting scheduled with Ace’s team for next week and I’m not expecting there to be any surprises.  We haven’t had any bus issues and in all honesty, back to school hasn’t been a head ache at all – except for that 1st day at Jay’s school with the registration madness.  Things are chugging along nicely where after school programs are concerned and the kids haven’t even gotten any home work yet which they are happy about – That will change next Monday.    My boys have come home happy every evening and don’t give any trouble getting ready in the morning.

I know, (damn near) seamlessly moving into the school year is something to be grateful for … And I AM!


But it hit me this morning that I have yet to talk about our trip to Florida.



So before any more time gets away from me, here goes …


The trip was awesome!

I could stop there and not feel like I have mis-lead you in any way but there are a few things I do want to highlight.


The kids swam and jumped and splashed in the pool.

The kids swam and jumped and splashed in the ocean.

Every day for the entire week, there was swimming, jumping and splashing in the pool or the ocean and on some days, both.


Ace can now swim from the deep end of the pool to the shallow end but I still keep a close eye on him.

Jay was all about following Ace’s lead.  When Ace splashed, Jay splashed.  When Ace swam, Jay “swam”.  When Ace ran from across the deck and “cannon balled” into the pool, so did my little guy.  It was great to see.

They made me and my mom and my sister laugh a lot.  But mostly my mom.  She thought everything they did or said was funny and she didn’t even mind getting woken up early and having 2 boys in her bed watching Spum Bum Square Pants.   That’s Sponge Bob Square Pants to those of you who don’t speak “Jay”.


The kids watched A TON of Nickelodeon – even while they were in the pool – but I didn’t feel the least bit guilty about it because we don’t have cable at home so it was a rare, vacation treat for them.

Since he had a birthday that week, Ace asked for EVERY (not “girly”) toy that was advertised on the TV.  Jay took a real liking to all the cereal commercials.  He came home and begged for Lucky Charms (which sounds like Monkey Chance when he says it) and for Cocoa Puffs.  I did buy him a box of Monkey Chance hoping he would eat it, but nope … He just wanted to play with them and sing the song from the commercial.  It was worth a shot.


They behaved absolutely beautifully in the airport and on the airplane.

OK – There was that one time when we were leaving New York and were going through security that Jay screamed and threw himself on the floor because he didn’t want the toy train he was holding to go through the x-ray machine.  It wasn’t pretty.  At all!  I expected that though and was mentally prepared for it.  I had even warned sister ahead of time to expect it.  You see, Jay has been on many a plane ride.  Every.Single.Year since he was born he’s been somewhere.  I’m not bragging, I just want to show you that he should know the routine by now.  But still, Every.Single.Time we go through security, he freaks out about giving up his toy to the x-ray gods.

Eventually, we managed to get through that part and I immediately began to dread the security check for the trip back.


Guess what?

On the way home, there was no melt down in the airport!

That’s right – For the 1st time ever, although I was bracing for the screaming, it didn’t happen.  We got to the security line, I suggested that my sister and Ace go ahead of us and I would worry about Jay.  Then Jay, on his own, went and placed the train in the plastic bucket, and stood in line waiting to go through the metal detector.  Yes! Yes! Yes!  I may have died and gone to heaven and come back to life right there.


Now I feel like I can take the kids on a domestic trip by myself and not have a nervous breakdown.  (I say domestic cause I’m not sure that I could handle customs and immigration just yet.)  But even so, that’s a pretty amazing step.


Mummy, thanks for everything – We may be back sooner than you think 🙂



IMG_3990 IMG_4004  IMG_4016

IMG_4070 IMG_4033





6 Responses to “Flo Rida Trip”

  1. Neil Says:

    Sounds like an amazing vacation. Happy for you guys!

  2. Congratulations Jay!! That is HUGE!!! So glad your trip went well. Sounds like heaven to me- being in water every day. And so glad to hear your school year has started off well. My Little Man’s year has been the best in the past 3 years, so far.

  3. OneLoCoMommy Says:

    I’m also overdue on our vacation post – um, it’s been now two weeks! LOL

  4. Andrea Says:

    Glad u enjoyed ur vacation. That was really amazing when Jay put thomas in the basket all by himself and waited for him to come out. I like the names Monkey Chance and Spum Bum (dwl). I always luv ur pics, they are so cool and natural

  5. Jane Says:

    So glad you had an amazing trip. I love that he made it through security on the way back and knew where to put his train ready for the x-ray machine. I was smiling all the way through reading this.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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