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Hat September 18, 2013

I have this co-worker who I like a lot but he has this annoying habit of putting random things on peoples heads and then saying “hat“.  OMG, it irks me.  Like I said, I like the guy, but that one thing irks me.  🙂  I’ve just never understood it.  He knows how I feel about it but he couldn’t care less.  He does it anyway.  If he wasn’t so likeable I’d want to smack him.


Why am I telling you this?  Well, wouldn’t you know it … My son has a thing for putting things on his own head and sometimes, on my head too.

I think the universe hates me.  lol


I don’t have any pictures of the things Jay has put on my head and I don’t know why I rush to snap pictures of Jay with things on his head but since I do, I might as well share them with somebody.  It’s not like these are the kinds of photos that will end up in frames on a wall or that will get sent out to family and friends for them to put on their fridges.  lol


Here’s Jay with totally ridiculous things on his head at totally random times for reasons that I don’t understand.  But if it makes my boy … and my co-worker happy … then who am I to think it’s weird?


IMG_3899IMG_3836  IMAG0562

Grass and sand are popular ones.


IMG_2357 IMG_2661

There are the hats.  I won’t put a picture of every single one because this post would never end.  There have been cowboy hats and baseball caps and Fedoras and any other kind of hat you can think of.



All his toys have been on his head at some point.  Trains have been up there for sure and yes that giraffe is on his head as he’s jumping in a bouncy house.


IMG_2827 IMG_3623 IMAG0575ry%3D400IMG-20130126-01306

Mm Hmm, a slice of bread, silver beads and a pair of pants.


I’m sure when my friend invited us to a “masquerade ball” party a few years ago, she didn’t know that the mask would live long and prosper in our house.

Extra credit if you know what that pink thing is on his head in the picture with both of us.

And let’s not forget the green bucket.


7 Responses to “Hat”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I love the piece of bread. I can’t NOT giggle when seeing that! Too cute.

    Is the pink thing a balloon???

  2. OneLoCoMommy Says:

    Now I have that Laurie Berkner song in my head:

    Laurie’s got a pig on her head
    Laurie’s got a pig on her head
    Laurie’s got a pig on her head
    She keeps it there all day
    (oink oink)

  3. The bread!! Too funny! Your colleague? Not funny at all!

  4. therocchronicles Says:

    He’s so cute! I guess gum as the pink thing…

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