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A Series of Unlikely Events September 23, 2013

I could have, but didn’t, bring left overs to work today for lunch.  Some of my co-workers went to a local Thai place but I opted out of that invite.  Even though I do like Thai food, McDonalds recently began selling hot wings and I felt like getting that and some french fries and a sweet tea for lunch.  I knew I was running low on gas so I figured I could knock that chore out of the way as well.  Here in New Jersey, the gas is cheaper if you pay cash, so filling up my tank also meant making a stop at the ATM.  Up until about a month ago, the bank I use, had a branch literally around the corner from where I work.  Since that branch has closed down, I had to go to a different branch that I hadn’t been to before.  I assumed they would have a drive-thru ATM but this branch did not.  What they did have, was a drive-thru teller.  I gave her my info and she gave me my cash and 2 lollipops.  I’m assuming she gave me 2 instead of one because I had a passenger with me.  Both lollipops were absent mindedly left in the car cup holder for the rest of the afternoon.


I picked Jay up from his after school program and we drove home.  When I parked, he asked me to carry his jacket since it had warmed up significantly since he left for school in the morning.  I put his jacket down on the seat next to me with the intentions of picking it up after I had exited the car and claimed my hand bag and coffee cup.  Jay climbed into the front of the vehicle and picked his jacket up.  I think he thought I was going to leave it there.  As he was getting his jacket, he spotted the 2 abandoned lollipops and picked them up.


Holding both he said: Mom, can I have lollipop? 

When I said yes, he then said: Jay and Ace.


Now, understand this … Jay LOVES lollipops.  As a general rule, he will share things if he is asked to, but he has NEVER BEFORE volunteered, on his own, to share ANYTHING … and definitely not lollipops.


It stopped me in my tracks for one second and in the very next second my thought was:


Thanks to me not bringing lunch and McDonalds offering wings and me needing an alternate bank branch and me going to lunch with a co-worker and Jay not needing his jacket I was able to see a side of my son that I would not otherwise have gotten to see. 

At least not today. 

It’s funny how life works.


6 Responses to “A Series of Unlikely Events”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I love this story! Hope they enjoyed the lollipops.

  2. Awwwwww! So sweet! I’m glad everything worked together so that you could see that.

    My son just tried the McDonald’s wings for the first time this weekend. I love wings and he told me they were awesome and I should try some before they stop selling them. But he’s only 10 and isn’t quite the wing connoisseur that I consider myself to be. What did you think?

  3. Cute…we are not into sharing in this household just yet.

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