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How He Sees Himself September 24, 2013

Ace came home from school and excitedly pointed at me, danced around and chanted … “You’ve got hooome work, you’ve got hooomework.”


I laughed because he’s so gosh darn cute and asked him what it was.


He pulled a sheet of paper out of his folder and waved it around in front of me.


Needless to say I couldn’t read it that way so I asked him to please just hand it to me.


Tell Me About Your Child was written across the top and there were a bunch of questions.  I dutifully got a pen and set about reading the questions.  I read the 1st four questions and immediately realized I needed help with this assignment.


Ace honey, I need help with my homework” I called and he came running.


He’s always running.  Or skipping.  Or jumping.  Or hopping.  Or bouncing.  Or wiggling.  Or dancing.


What is it ?” he asked and so I explained to him that they were asking me questions about him, and I thought he should help me to put the correct answers.


So he did.


And let me tell you, I couldn’t agree with his responses any more or be any more pleased with the way my boy sees himself.




My child’s interests and/or hobbies include … Legos, Super Heros, Swimming

My child’s favorite subject(s) is … Computers

My child’s special qualities include … He is very sweet & loving.  He is fun & funny & friendly.

My child approaches learning with … excitement, reluctance and curiosity.


My favourite thing is that the 1st word he chose to describe himself was sweet 🙂 – because he really and truly is.






p.s.  Yes, I realize I spelled heroes incorrectly.  Oops.


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