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Dwight Hunter – An Inspiration October 8, 2013

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I had a different plan for todays post.  I wrote it last night actually and was just waiting on one little piece of information to add before I hit publish.


But then … I watched a video.


My friend, Dwight Hunter, came from nowhere to earn a PhD and he’s now a senior engineer at Intel Corp.  He was featured on a TV show in Jamaica called Profile with Ian Boyne.

PLEASE! I BEG YOU.  Watch his interview.  Spread his story.  He talks about his VERY humble beginnings and about how he was able to achieve his dreams despite incredible challenges and obstacles.  He just refused to accept “No.”  He refused to get stuck behind road blocks.  It’s really very impressive and I’m super proud of him.

He’s the kind of role model that kids need.  They need to see that hard work pays off.


Click on the below link to be wow’d by my friend.



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