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When An Innocent Mistake On My Part Yields Something Good For Me October 30, 2013

Ace’s school hosted a Halloween fun night.  They had a Haunted House, Arts and Crafts, a Story Room and a Movie Room.

When we got there, wouldn’tcha know, all the kids were dressed in costume.  All the kids, except mine.

It hadn’t even crossed my mind to whip out the Captain America and Ninja Turtle costumes so I had dressed my 2 in “going out” clothes.


Since we don’t dress up very often and since I’m always trying to get a nice picture of my sons together, which has turned out to be as difficult to get as a picture of the Lochness monster, I asked them to pose for me before we headed out the door.

Which they did.

Then, Ace volunteered to take a picture of me and Jay.

Then Jay said “my turn” and took the camera from Ace’s hands.  (That was a first)


On their behalf, I’m really quite sorry that the kids missed an opportunity to wear their costumes but for myself, I’m really quite pleased with the pictures that I got as a result.




IMG_4198 IMG_4199


2 Responses to “When An Innocent Mistake On My Part Yields Something Good For Me”

  1. therocchronicles Says:

    Aww! Those are great pics!!

  2. The boys took some nice pics.

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