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Supermarket Our Style November 18, 2013

The kids and I went to the supermarket over the weekend.  I parked and we got the cart.  Jay climbed into the big part of the cart, Ace pushed the cart and we headed to the produce section as I reminded Ace to look where he was going so he wouldn’t knock anything or anyone over.  It’s mindless stuff; This is how we grocery shop.

The last time we went to the supermarket Nanas was with us.  But other than having a guest, we did what we always do.


We walk along the produce wall and Jay names the lettuce, the cucumbers, the ginger, the tomatoes, the celery, the peppers etc.  He will also ask to hold one or two things.  Sometimes it’s an apple.  Other times it’s a zucchini, an ear of corn or an entire bag of carrots.  He’s not at all interested in eating them; I know this.  But he likes to look at them and touch them and have them in the cart with him.  There’s no harm in it, so I let him hold whatever he wants while we make our way up and down the aisles collecting the remaining items on our list.


Once we have gotten all the things we went there to get – and a few other things that Ace has convinced me to get – we proceed to the check out area.

After I’ve paid for the things I do want, I take the “produce item(s) du jour” away from Jay and hand them to the cashier telling him/her that I don’t want them.  Jay doesn’t like it and always asks me to give them back to him.  Sometimes he laughs as he asks, sometimes he gets a little upset when I say no, but it’s what we do and we keep it moving.  It’s our routine and it feels totally normal to me.


On that trip we took with Nanas, she giggled as we were exiting the store.  Then she said:

“Other parents must watch you and wonder what kind of parent does not give her child apples and zucchini that he’s begging for but will buy cookies and chips.  They would probably be ecstatic to have their kid want veggies.”


I had a good laugh at that.  I had never stopped to think about it but she’s right.  Sometimes, I must look like a pretty nutty Mum.



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