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Morning Turn Around November 22, 2013

I had planned to fore-go teacher/therapist/aide/bus driver/crossing guard gifts this year because money is tighter than ever.  But ya know what … I just can’t do it.  For the simple reason that, through token gifts and hand-written notes, I get to say thank you to the people who don’t even know how much better they make my life.


This morning, Jay drank all his milk, then picked up Ace’s cup and began drinking that one also.  Ace was on top of him in a flash taking his cup back.

While this was happening, I was wondering why the jackets that I had taken off the hooks and laid on the couch were right where I had left them and not on the backs of my children.

When Jay realized he was not going to get Ace’s cup, he handed me his cup and said “Up milk“.  That meant he was asking for a refill.  As in, “Mom, please fill back up my cup with milk“.

I let him know there was no time for that and he needed to put his coat on because his bus would be coming soon.

With a frown and some grumbling he followed my instructions and we went out to meet the bus.  When the bus pulled up, Jay was still frowning and grumbling but the bus driver and his aide both greeted my boy with bright smiles and warm hellos.  They were not at all phased by his attitude.  I saw a smile start to crack on his face and then he softly asked “Time for Miss A?”  (His teacher).  I said yes and then he said “OK, nice“.  I asked him if he liked Ms A and he said he did, then he gave me a kiss and got onto the bus.


Everyone who makes life happier for my son does so not because they have to or because it’s their job.  From his teachers to his bus drivers to his after care aides – They make his life better because they choose to.  Being cheerful in the face of a grumpy child is a choice.  Being loving and staying calm while a kid is yelling or throwing things is a choice – and these people do it everyday and I appreciate them for that.  Just by making the choice to stay positive, they have the ability to turn my sons morning around and that allows me to go to work secure in the knowledge that my son feels happy and feels safe and is surrounded by nice people.


One Response to “Morning Turn Around”

  1. Michelle Says:

    they really do deserve thanks for doing their jobs so well and with love. Have you ever made fudge? I recently discovered how easy it is, and such a nice little present for teachers etc. I’m planning on making a load of batches for christmas gifts this year. I’ll send you an easy recipe, only takes about 30 mins to do it all and it’s ready!

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