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On The Job (Part 1) December 2, 2013

There were a couple of days last week where the kids had no school (or no after school care) and I had no baby sitter so to work with me they came.  One day it was Jay and the following day it was Ace.  This is Jay’s story.


I hadn’t told Jay ahead of time that he would be coming to work with me.  He usually does well when he knows what’s coming next.  First ‘this’ and then ‘that are popular words in our lives.  The kids know what’s expected of them and they do it with little to no complaining.

First you eat your noodles, then you can have a piece of candy.”

First you brush your teeth and put on your pajamas and then you can use the ipad.”

First we are going to the store, then we will go home.”


As I stood on the curb waiting for the bus to drop him off, I was silently freaking myself out with worry about how it would go.  I work in the corporate world.  Granted, my particular office is a little less uptight than some others, but still, it’s not all fun and games like Googles office and the bosses walk around in ties and stuff.


Once I had scooped up my little love bug and buckled him in the car, I told him that we were going to my job and asked him if that was ok.  He said it was.  In hindsight, that probably wasn’t a smart question to ask.  What would I have done if he had said no?

We walked in the door and small man went straight to my desk and asked me for a candy-cane.  For a split second I wondered where that had come from.  But of course!  He associates the place with Christmas.  After all, he really only ever comes to work with me for our annual potluck/Christmas fun day.


Nervous that this would lead to a melt-down, I told him that I didn’t have any.

Ignoring me, he opened my desk drawer and rummaged through until … he found a freakin candy-cane;  A relic from last year.  I said a silent prayer to the candy-cane gods and unwrapped his treasure for him.  I asked him if he’d like to draw on my white board and handed him a green marker.

My boy climbed up onto my guest chair and spent the next 3 hours happily and quietly drawing pictures on my board and singing songs to himself.  The only times he took a break were when I printed something and he jumped off the chair to hand me the paper(s) from the machine with a “here you go”.


I was able to have a productive afternoon and we went home with most of my coworkers not even knowing he had been there.  The only clue would have been the pictures that were left on my white board.

He wrote out the alphabet and drew a corresponding picture for each letter.  The ball, the egg, the lemon and the orange all looked exactly the same and if anyone tried to play a violin that looked like the one Jay draw, I’m sure it would make every musician in the world cry.  Nonetheless, he did a really wonderful job of behaving and I was soooo proud of him.


I drove home thinking “Whew! One down; Ace, the hyper, chatter box to go.”


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