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Jamerican Thanksgiving December 4, 2013

First we were going to drive down to Maryland and attend a big Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family and extended family and friends of family friends.

Then, we were just gonna stay home and order Chinese food.

Then we were gonna go to New York and spend the day with sister and sisters boyfriend and sisters boyfriends Mom.

Then we were back to deciding to drive down to Maryland after all.

We ended up going to New York and having a wonderful time.


In the morning my boys and I just took it easy.  They let me sleep in late.  Till almost 8am!!!  Then I made breakfast and cleaned up a bit.  After watching some TV, the kids even got around to cleaning up their room.  Which I’m sure had nothing to do with me telling them that they had better clean up because anything that was still on their bedroom floor when I was done cleaning would go in the garbage.


We got to New York around 3pm and spent the next several hours eating really good food and talking and laughing and playing video games (X-Box Kinect) and telling the kids not to play on the stairs and to be careful not to knock anything over and to stop jumping and climbing and bouncing and touching and spilling.

There was no American football watching or playing which I understand is the tradition.  There was definitely turkey but there was also curried goat and shrimp and pork.  There was stuffing and sweet potatoes but no cranberry sauce.  There was rice and peas.  There was apple pie (very American) and carrot cake (not so American).

It was entertaining to see sisters boyfriend trying to get the kids to listen and behave.  Meanwhile his Mom was happy to have the action and noise and energy.  Or so she made me feel.  Even though it was her first time meeting us, I felt very much like family and am already trying to figure out how I can get myself invited there again soon.



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One Response to “Jamerican Thanksgiving”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Looks and sounds like the perfect celebration! Your boys are the cutest.

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