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Sick Day December 17, 2013

The bigger of my 2 little munchkins is home with me today.  He’s not feeling well.  In fact, I had to leave work early yesterday to go pick him up from school.

We have been fairly fortunate in this household where sickness is concerned.  In the past seven years, between both kids, there has only been 1 ear infection and maybe 2 bouts of fevers/flu.

None-the-less, when it does happen, it’s awful to see.  My usually bouncy ball of energy, is currently curled up on the couch, under a blanket, sipping a cup of peppermint tea – which is the only thing I’ve been able to get him to ingest since yesterday morning.


The good part (if there is any) is that this munchkin can tell me exactly what hurts or what he feels.  He takes his medicine with no trouble and is taking some pleasure having me all to himself and at his beck and call.  He is totally milking the situation.


I am going to spend my day doing all the things that my Grandma used to do for me when I was not well.  Giving medicine, pouring glasses of orange juice, making sure there are fresh sheets on the bed and pajamas on the boy, giving luke warm baths and applying rubbing alcohol to break the fever.

There will be lots of TLC.  Tender Loving Care!


Hopefully the smaller munchkin does not get these germs and we can be over with this sick nonsense in a day or two.  I’m pretty sure it would be a lot harder trying to nurse Jay back to good health.

Also, the boys have been invited to 2 birthday parties this coming weekend and for one of them the dress code is “boys in suits and girls in fancy dresses“.  I’m kind of curious to see what they have planned.


I’m outta here.  Time to wash my hands AGAIN and make myself available for my lovie.  I think he wants me to watch Power Rangers with him.  I’m on it.  He pretty much gets anything he wants today.  Ciao!


3 Responses to “Sick Day”

  1. Stay healthy. Hope he recovers quickly.

  2. Uncle Says:

    Get well soon little fella. Love Uncle Mike

  3. Kim Says:

    Hope he’s feeling better today!

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