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You Had To Be There December 30, 2013

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This past weekend was good.  The problem with that, is that I’m not a talented enough writer to properly bring it to life on paper (or on a screen).  There were so many moments that you kinda just had to be there to see or feel.

I can’t do it justice when I tell you about Jay freely giving out hugs to my chosen family who we had gone to visit.  (You know what that is … People who ARE your family even though you don’t share any of the same DNA.)  He was a delight.

Or Ace patiently waiting for my “2nd Grandmother” to come home from Church so he could open the last of his Christmas presents and also give out presents and then how perfect for him his gift would be and how he would later announce that this had been the best Christmas ever!

Or how funny it was – even though he was not happy at all – when Jay knocked his gift bag over and said “That’s not a present. That’s clothes.”

Or how sweet it was to see Jay on the lap of my forever friend, his Aunty Juddles, reading a story together.   And just as I took a picture of them, she started talking and the picture made her look terrible so she made me swear that I’d delete it and not put it on Facebook.  I took another one which came out great.  🙂

Or how glad I was that we had brought along one of Ace’s Christmas presents from home and got the adults to join in a game of Twister.  It made Ace so happy and the grown-ups had a lot of good laughs at each others expenses.  Twister is not for old bones or bones with a lot of meat on them.  Wait, scratch that.  If you really want to belly laugh … Do play twister with your kids as well as some older, not skinny people.  Lol

Or how good the food was.  Oh the food.

Or how I’m glad that Ace and Jay were able to run around and jump and climb on furniture and slide down stairs on their bellies and make a mess of couch pillows and blankets and carpets without anyone caring one bit.

Or how my “big sister/friend/aunt/2nd mother” told me repeatedly how much progress Jay has made since she last saw him and that this was the best time she’d ever had with him and how she loves that she can now communicate with him, without me, and how happy it made me to hear that.

Or just how good it felt to put my feet up and be spoiled and to be surrounded by all that love.

Or how the perfect wrap up was when we got home and I was sitting quietly on the couch and Jay came up to me and we had the following conversation:

“Are you OK Mom?”

“Yes, I’m OK.”

“Are you tired?”

“Yes baby, I’m a little tired.”

“Are you sad?”

Me smiling: “No, I’m not sad.”



2 Responses to “You Had To Be There”

  1. Michelle Says:

    oh that last conversation with Jay has brought tears to my eyes! Hug him hard from me xxxxx

  2. therocchronicles Says:

    omgosh, so much good stuff! The holidays can be hard and tricky. I love that you have focused on all the good stuff. (and isn’t is so nice when other people notice the progress!)

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