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A Lot of TV January 7, 2014

It was somewhere near noon on Friday and Tanya Stephens (a reggae artist) was playing quite loudly in my kitchen.  I was washing dishes and making spaghetti.  I was still in pj’s and warm, fuzzy house shoes.

I have a full-time job that does not allow for that kind of scene normally but thanks to a snow storm that passed through on Thursday night, the kids had no school and I had no work; and just like that we had a 3 day weekend with absolutely no plans.  Nothing used to strike fear in me more than the thought of spending an entire day home with the kids by myself.  Look at us now.  The entire weekend was pretty unremarkable – which is totally remarkable.


When they woke up on Friday, the first thing the boys wanted to do was to go play in the snow.   I was not so keen on it since the temperature was well below freezing.  It’s hard though to convince 5 and 7 year old boys that you can’t just put on an extra layer and that will fix everything.  I dragged it out as long as I could and finally around 1pm when the temp rose to a not-warm-at-all 15 degrees F, I turned off my music and the stove and changed out of my comfy clothes.  We bundled up goodly and properly and went to the open field next door to play in the 8 inches of white stuff.   The kids had a great time.  They really do love playing in snow.  Jay especially.  It’s definitely worth the effort to see them that happy.  After about 30 minutes I told them that we needed to go in because it was just too cold to stay out any longer.  They protested somewhat but fairly quickly obliged.


The rest of the day was spent lounging around.  I am a little embarrassed to admit that I watched a few episodes of My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding.  But I am willing to share that with you because it illustrates how far we have come.  In order for me to be able to watch multiple episodes of anything in one sitting, it means that the kids had to have been entertaining themselves and not fighting.  I honestly never thought that would ever happen.


On Saturday Jay wanted to go back out but Ace had had enough of the bitter cold and decided to stay in.  CC and Jay went out to play for a little bit while Ace and I took the Christmas stuff down.  Then we were all back in front of the TV.  After the kids went to bed, I ended up watching a Jamaican concert that was streaming live on the internet.  Now hear this part … The concert I was watching went on till very late.  I stayed up till 2:30am (unheard of) and still didn’t get to see the final 2 artistes.  The real news though, is that the next morning, I was exhausted and, the kids let me sleep in.  Ace warmed 2 cups of milk and got cereal out for both himself and Jay.  I didn’t actually get out of bed until almost 10am on Sunday.  YES, I know!


I was able to sew up a hole in a stuffed unicorn toy that Jay brought home from school.  Or as Jay put it, I “fixed the butt.”

The weekend saw Jay writing a lot.  Not writing sentences or stories yet, but he spends a lot of time writing the alphabet and numbers and words.  He also has been drawing lots of pictures.  He’s no prodigy but when he draws a volcano or a duck, I know what it is.  I find sheets of paper all over the place and any book that has blank pages get written in; including Ace’s school books.  I have had the talk with Ace about not leaving his books lying around.  I’m thinking of getting Jay a chalk board easel for his upcoming birthday.


I spent so much time watching TV that not only did I watch the Gypsy show and the concert, I also watched the entire first season of a show called The Fosters.  I really enjoyed it.  At random times Jay would stick his head in my room and say something like “S is for snow” or “R is for red” and then leave again.  I smiled every time and I thought to myself that people who don’t have little boys saying random things to them are missing out.


I can’t remember the last time I did so much of nothing – and by nothing, I mean nothing specifically with or for the kids.  I didn’t have to facilitate activities, or break up too many fights or fix too many meals. (Ace can now make his own sandwiches for lunch.)    I let/wanted them to entertain themselves and they did.  We have definitely turned a corner in their development.  It felt great but I do wonder how long it will be before I start to want back the days when they needed me for everything.


5 Responses to “A Lot of TV”

  1. I’m so glad we invested in a white board/chalk board easel for Philip. He loves writing on it. Sounds like J would like it, too.

    • Hey Cyn … How do you get Philip to put the caps back on the white board markers?

      • I’ll let you know as soon as he does 😉
        Seriously, lots of repetition. He can be particular about putting things away, so I’ve tried to capitalize on that. However, he doesn’t always put them on tightly. So I bought a huge pack and only give him a few at a time. Then I swap them out, storing the dry ones marker tip down in the hopes of refreshing them for another try.

  2. Kim Says:

    There’s a whole lota progress and good stuff here! Sounds like a very good weekend!

  3. Congratulations! That is huge!! I have been able to sleep without someone little making my bed his first stop in the morning, for about 2 years now, and I’m still loving it. My son used to crawl (or try to crawl) into our bed when he had bad dreams (often), or when he woke up (usually six- something). During this recent Christmas break, he even slept in one day until after 10am!! Later than me! He’s usually up about 7:30am nowadays.

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