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On My Head and MLK Jr January 22, 2014

Ace will sometimes ask what I think are silly questions.  Maybe I shouldn’t call them silly, but they are questions that he should know the answer to and that I would have no idea about.  Such as where a certain toy is that he was just playing with in his room while I was in the shower.  How would I know where it disappeared to?  When he asks me something like that I tend to give answers like, “It’s in the fridge” or “The cat ate it“.  An answer so ridiculous that he will realize that he had no business asking me that question in the first place.

(As a side note … We have a system and when we come home we put our jackets in the same place everyday.  They are always there when we need them to go out.)

The other morning, I was a bit frazzled and rushing to get the boys ready for school and out the door on time.  I threw their lunch boxes in their bags and said (probably with too much agitation in my voice), “Ace, where are your jackets?”

He looked me dead in the eye and said, “Mom, they’re on my head.”

Then we both broke down in fits of laughter.


Me, tree … Ace, apple.




It snowed several inches yesterday.  Last night me and my boys were cuddling on the couch and I teasingly told Ace that the next day, Jay and I would stay home and have fun but he had to go to school.  He turned to me and said, “But Mom, that’s not fair.  And didn’t we just have Martin Luther King Jr day?  He had a dream and he thought everyone should get treated fairly.”


Your honour, I withdraw my case.  This fine young barrister has done me in.


One Response to “On My Head and MLK Jr”

  1. Michelle Says:

    It’s so hard to treat them fairly ALL the time! The younger siblings learn from a very young age how to turn on the charms and get their way! It would be easier to tell them off if they weren’t so damn cute!! The older ones favourite line is “it’s not fair”!! I try and remind my eldest of the things she can do or she has that the younger one can’t, this can sometimes pacify her, but not always!!

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