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Silly Socks March 4, 2014

This week, schools all over (I assume) are celebrating Dr Seuss week.  Both my boys schools are having daily festivities.

Today, Jay’s school was having “silly socks” day.  Given my personal love of funky socks, my friends may find this next statement odd but, the kids don’t have any silly socks.  It’s just not something I buy for them.   I go for big packs of solid black so that the dirt won’t show easily and they won’t have any trouble matching them up after they’ve been washed.  When they’re getting dressed, they just grab 2 black socks and go.  That’s how we roll.


Last night I did manage to find one foot of a Spider Man sock and one foot of a Toy Story sock in the back of the drawer.  Perfect!

Fast forward to this morning when it was time to get dressed for school.  Since the boys dress themselves I had to jump in and tell Jay not to put his black socks on.  I handed him the 2 mis-matched socks and the look on his face quickly went from confusion to amusement.  He busted out laughing and said “That’s silly”.

I smiled and agreed with him that it was silly and told him that today was silly socks day at school.  I don’t think that meant anything to him.  I put on the one Spider Man sock and then went to put on the Toy Story one but he stopped me.  He pointed to his bare foot and said “Want Spider Man that one”.  He was letting me know that he wanted a matching pair.

I once again told him that it was silly socks day and that all the kids would be in silly socks and maybe even his teacher.  I told him that he could show his friends and his teacher his socks.  I asked him if it would be ok for me to put on the Toy Story sock.  He thought for a moment before he smiled and said “Sure ” and held his foot up.


It’s just silly socks.  But it’s not just silly socks.  It represents so much.

This is what astounding progress looks like in my home.

There was so much at play here.

Not just the use of words – Although that is huge!

But the understanding and the thinking things through.

His having a preference vs letting me put whatever I want on him.  (Him noticing)

The willingness to do something new and a little strange.

The desire to share his silliness with others.


I don’t know what else to say.  I just know that these are the little things that could easily fly under the radar but these are not little things.  Not by a long shot.


2 Responses to “Silly Socks”

  1. Lisa Says:

    They are pretty huge things. Awesome!! Love that he got why it was silly and participated even though it was different!!!

  2. Michelle Says:

    that’s lovely that he decided to join in with the fun, and understood what was funny about it!

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