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Trampolines And Such March 12, 2014

trampoline 2 trampoline

(Pictures taken off Google Images)



It had been on my to-do list for a while.  To go to this trampoline place.  I put it off though because with the winter that we’ve been having I figured “indoor fun places” would be crowded every weekend.  So we waited.  Then this past weekend, it was sunny and the temperatures were in the 50’s.  We haven’t seen the likes of that in months.  People were losing their minds – going as far as to wear shorts and what not.  Not us, but ya know, people.

We put on our light jackets and the 4 of us went to try out this indoor bouncy, jumpy fun place.

It did not disappoint.

As soon as we got there, Jay was ready.  But there were waivers to be signed and monies to be paid and safety videos to be watched and shoes to be changed and helmets to be donned.  Through it all, Jay kept asking to go jump and each time we told him he’d have to wait just a little bit longer.  He did a really nice job of waiting.  Ace was a champ and made sure that we knew it.  As we waited in each line he would say “I’m being good right?”  or “See, I’m just standing here.”

Now mind you, all the waivers and paying and videos and gearing up took a total of about 15 minutes, but 15 minutes to my kids is a LIFETIME.


Eventually we were let loose.

We went first to the giant trampoline area.

And my boys jumped.  And jumped and bounced off walls and jumped and fell and jumped.  They were loving life.  They smiled and laughed.  They were happy.

I can still hear Jay saying, as he jumped “I like bounce.”

When they inadvertently did something that was not allowed and the safety police reminded them of the instructions, they listened.  They.  BOTH of them.  They followed the rules.  No fussing, no complaining, no ignoring.

I always stayed close by in case I needed to jump in, (Pun! Ha ha), but I never did.  I was able to have my own fun and may even have done a flip or 2.


After getting good and sweaty, we left that area and moved to the foam pit.  It was ok – Not my favourite part of the day.  I think the kids felt the same way.  We quickly moved from there to the basketball area and that’s where we spent the rest of our afternoon.  The boys loved it.  They were jumping and shooting and falling and jumping and shooting and cheering for themselves when they made the shot and it was all glorious.  When their time was up, they gave the ball back to the “ref” and re-joined the line where they waited patiently for it to be their turn again.  I could hardly believe it.  I was so proud of them.


We had a great time and I’m so glad that it wasn’t too crowded.  When it was time to leave, the kids didn’t give us a hard time at all.  I think they were good and worn out by then so were happy to be heading home.  They did ask though if we can go back next weekend.


And wouldn’tcha know it.  I don’t have one picture to share.  The camera on my phone has died and I left my real camera at home.  I know.  I can’t believe it either.

I definitely won’t leave the camera next time.  And there will be a next time.  🙂


6 Responses to “Trampolines And Such”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Sounds like a great outing! My boys love “Extreme Trampoline”. They really have fun..and are SO REGULATED afterwards. It’s a win-win!

  2. Neil Says:

    I want to go to the trampoline place!

  3. therocchronicles Says:

    Fun! I know Roc would LOVE a place like that and there are a few in the area–I’ve always worried about crowds. I like you timing–may have to try that as well in a few weeks (or months) when it finally gets warm here!

  4. I wish we had a place like that around here. My son would need to go there every weekend.

  5. Michelle Says:

    Nothing that good here sadly, the kids would LOVE it!! But Safety videos? really? The US really is safety mad! I cannot imagine that here in France, they would refuse to watch it!!

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