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Chugging Along April 1, 2014

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My Dear J Train,
I haven’t been writing that much lately. I haven’t forgotten you and I haven’t forsaken you for another. I’ve just been busy with life. Nothing earth shattering; just life. We’re chugging along and waiting for this winter to be over. Summer summer wherefore art thou summer?


Ace tried to catch me in an Aprils Fools Day joke today.  He wandered into my room and said “Look Mom, your shoe is un-tied.”  The problem with that, is that I was still combing my hair and hadn’t put my shoes on yet 🙂  #AprilsFoolsDayFail


The boys are doing well in school. In fact, Ace only had one colour change in the month of March. Jay is learning so much … there’s just no way to put it into words.


I got a much needed night out with some friends last weekend thanks to sister and got a chuckle when I heard … “Man, in the morning, Ace just pops up like toast huh?”


Originally I had wanted to take a Spring Break trip with the kids but then I found out that they each have different weeks off. Bummer. But, never fear, I came up with another plan that I think they will be just as happy with. Each one will spend their week off with their beloved Nanas. One week with Nanas – each one getting her to himself – Awesome!!!


We went to Staples the other day and as we pulled up to the store, Jay said “That was easy” and I kinda loved it and laughed out loud.


The kids are invited to an indoor pool party this coming weekend so I’m looking forward to that for them. They’ve spent all winter asking me when it will get hot so they can go to the pool. Also, plans are in the works for us to go to Disney this year.


It’s April which means it’s Autism Awareness/Acceptance month but I have neither the energy nor the desire to get into arguments over which word to use or how to or even if to acknowledge it.  I’m just gonna keep doing what I always do.  Talking about my life (here and on Facebook and in face to face conversations) which hopefully gives people who otherwise would not have any, some insight into what life is like for this ONE kid and this ONE family.  Moving on.


I’ve fallen in love with this granola thing I found at Sams Club (sooo good), my laundry pile is a mile high and we are out of cat food. My car door needs fixing,  I need a new phone and I’d love to get a pedicure soon.  Oh and when I get home, I need to fish a paper out of the trash that I accidentally threw away.


But first ….
Lemme take a selfie 🙂




3 Responses to “Chugging Along”

  1. Celia Breese Says:

    Deenie, I can’t tell you enough how proud I am of you. Love you girlie.

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