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What Did You Do Today? May 1, 2014

*Highlight and Delete*


And just like that, about 800 words that I had typed are now gone.

I had rambled on and on and even made a reference to James VanDerBeek of Dawsons Creek fame. You can use your imagination to figure out how he fit in. The post never really came together.


Jay told me about his day last week Tuesday.


Even though I did not expect an answer, since I had never before gotten an answer, I asked him how his day was and what he had done. Even though, in the past he either ignored me or seemed aggravated by my asking, I asked him anyway. Even though, nothing about last Tuesday would lead me to believe that he would be in an answering mood, I asked him about his day.


We had breakfast and lunch … (pause) … And we had gym.”


I think in that moment I died and went to heaven.


We had breakfast and lunch … (pause) … And we had gym.”


That’s it. That’s all I got but it was enough to fill up my tank which was running on empty that day.

I posted about how excited I was on Facebook and lots of people commented that no kid tells their parents about school and that all any parent gets when they ask about school is “Fine” and “Nothing” so I should enjoy this while it lasts. I get it. I understand what they were saying but for me it wasn’t just that he told me about what happened at school. It was that he knew what I was asking and he was able to put the words together and formulate the correct answer. It was that I asked him about something in the past and he got it. Up to that point, I had no reason to think he understood the concept of past or future time.  Our communication existed solely in the present.  In current needs and wants.  Maybe in what was coming immediately next, as in; “First we will pick up Ace, then we will go to the store“.  But not in what happened before or what would happen tomorrow, next week or “in the summer”.


Since that day last week we have had more magical moments.




Me (after being away for the weekend): Did you have a good time with Daddy?

Jay: Yes

Me: What did you do?

Jay: We went to the pet store.





Me: Jay, you got a red face at school today. What happened?

Jay: Jesse hit me in the nose.

Me: That wasn’t very nice. Let me kiss it for you. But were you rude to your teacher?

(I asked based on a note the teacher sent home explaining his red face.)

Jay: *Looking sad* … Yes.

Me: I don’t like to hear that. You should be nice to everyone. You’re gonna be nice tomorrow right?

Jay: OK. 

(Then he hugged me.)




The bottom line for me is this … It’s important to me that I can talk to my son. I love the light, fun, side of this development.  I love the trebles and basses in his voice as he tells me about pet stores and gym time.  But it’s even more important to me that I can keep him safe – and his ability to tell me about the things that happen to him throughout his day are a major factor in that. For myriad reasons, I’m over the moon excited that we are now at this point.


One Response to “What Did You Do Today?”

  1. Neil Says:

    Awesomeness all around!

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