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Easter A Little Late May 7, 2014

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Is it too late to talk about Easter?  No right?  I know it’s May and all but I really want to talk about Easter.  And well, since I’m from Jamaica, this is not late at all.  Running on “Island time” is a real thing.


I don’t think I’ve ever written about my friend Koti before.  She’s pretty cool and she’s come to really enjoy spending time with my kids.  You know that puts her in an entire new category in my heart.  About a week before Easter we both realized that we had no plans so we threw together a last minute Easter lunch/bbq at her house.  It turned out wonderfully and I, of course, took all the credit since it was my idea.  *Pats self on shoulder*  🙂


At around 1 pm guests started arriving at K’s house and it was non-stop happiness from then on.


The food was deelish and the company was delightful.  The boys played and played and ran around and played and laughed and played and made mess and played.  The adults ate and watched the kids play and ate and talked and ate and facilitated kids games and laughed and ate.

I was super happy that my other friend D and her son came as well.  We definitely don’t hang out together enough.

There was an Easter egg hunt, balloon rockets – which mostly ended up littering the neighbours yard (oops), egg and spoon antics, hop scotch, a raffle, bubbles and ball games.

The fun only ended because as night came, the temperature dropped and even though the kids said they were not cold, the parents made them come inside.  Also, it was a Sunday which meant everyone had work or school the next day.

Koti may or may not realize this, but get togethers at her house are gonna become a regular thing.  I need more of that pork thing on the kabob stick and the fruit cocktail dessert thing with real coconuts and what I think was condensed milk.


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One Response to “Easter A Little Late”

  1. momma719 Says:

    I enjoyed it too! I also agree that there will be plenty of get together at K’s house 🙂

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