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Sick and Pain and Progress and Hey Look Who Is Missing Some Teeth June 2, 2014

I often find that it’s when Jay is having his worst moments that I see very vividly the improvements in him/his behavior.




A while back, Jay let me know that he wasn’t feeling well. I asked him what was wrong and he told me that he was sick – but he wasn’t able to tell me exactly what type of sick he was. We were sitting on the couch when he got up and headed towards the bathroom. He didn’t quite make it and ended up throwing up all over the hallway floor. Like any parent, I hate to see my kid uncomfortable but after I cleaned him and the floor up, I thought to myself how awesome it was that he told me he was sick and more than that, how awesome it was that he attempted to throw up in the toilet rather than on himself and the furniture. Once I rinsed him off and then started working on the floor, he actually told me that he was sorry for making the mess. I felt terrible that he had an upset tummy, but Wow! Huge progress! I hugged him and told him that there was no need for him to be sorry and I was the one who was sorry that he wasn’t well. I asked him if it would be ok for me to take his temperature. He immediately said no but I showed him the thermometer and stuck it under my own tongue and explained that that was all there was to it. Then I asked him again if I could take his temperature to which he agreed. Each one of those steps represents huge progress!




Two (or was it three) weeks ago we were watching the Spider man movie at the theatre. Jay was sitting in my lap writhing. He wasn’t yelling or crying but he clearly was not enjoying the movie and was ready to go. Eventually, he said that he was in pain. When asked what hurt, he said “teeth”. We didn’t have to do any detective work to figure out what was wrong. We actually rushed him to the ER because he was in so much pain.


Fast forward to last week Wednesday when he actually got the teeth fixed. It wasn’t a simple procedure. He had to fast for 6 hours prior to seeing the dentist and he had a 1pm appointment. No food, no water. Nothing. Throughout the morning, he did ask me several times for something to eat or drink and I hated telling him no but he handled it so well. There wasn’t even one minor fuss of any kind.

The procedure he had involved general anesthesia and the removal of 2 molars. Jay was amazing. During triage he stood still on the scale to get weighed and when the doctor approached with the stethoscope he lifted his shirt up. He answered questions and gave hi-fives and followed instructions and the next thing he know he had gotten a shot in the arm and he was out like a light.

When he woke up, he was understandably grumpy and uncomfortable and all he wanted to do was go home. But he held it together long enough for us to pick Ace up from school and drive through a Dunkin Donuts. Once we got home he followed my lead and gargled with warm salt water and lounged around with me for the rest of the day. Both CC and I were curious about how he would deal with the now big hole in his mouth where the teeth had been. He hadn’t yet lost any of his baby teeth but there was 1 wobbly one which the dentist did pull out.  (So that made for a total of 3 teeth getting pulled). He showed no signs of being bothered by the missing teeth and even posed for pictures.


A year ago, I could never have imagined the entire process going so smoothly. I would never want to see my little guy throwing up or be in any kind of pain but it did give me one more way to see just how incredible he is.




Also, I would like to give a huge  shout out to my big boy Ace who was so good to his brother for one entire afternoon.  I know it wasn’t easy and I hope he knows that I appreciate it.  There was no yelling about who should feed the cat or no fighting over the i-Pad or who got to sit where or why I was giving more hugs and attention to one than the other.  He felt really bad that Jay was in pain and had to go get teeth pulled.  The next day they were back to their normal playing one minute and fighting the next but that’s ok 🙂


Thanks also to the team of doctors who were so great with Jay and who did everything they could to make the procedure as easy on him as possible.


Jay Teeth

(Sorry for the side view. Was having technical difficulties)


One Response to “Sick and Pain and Progress and Hey Look Who Is Missing Some Teeth”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I’m sorry to hear that he wasn’t feeling so well, but that is tremendous progress!!

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