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Pronouns June 4, 2014

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I always correct him but I do get a chuckle out of Jay mixing up his pronouns. I get lots of chuckles because he rarely gets them correct.

When he finally finds a toy he’s been looking for he will excitedly say “There she is.”

When he wants to try something he will point to himself while directing his question to you saying “Can your turn?”

If I tell him that I don’t know how to do something he will say “Yes it am.”

If I ask him to finish eating but he’s done, he will say “I’m ate that already.”

When he needs help he usually says “Can I help you?”



Over the weekend I was vaguely aware of Jay coming to me at 6:00 am asking for milk. Milk takes effort.  The jug is heavy and then he will want strawberry mix and it will need to get warmed up. Keeping my eyes closed I said no and rolled over to try to go back to sleep.  “Water then milk?” he pushed. I told him he’d have to wait. If I said yes then he’d take a couple sips of water and then he’d be back expecting me to get up and get him some milk. That would only buy me about 2 minutes of sleep. I needed more than that. Not satisfied with me telling him that he had to wait he says “I do it please? I get juice.”

Ahh, that he can manage on his own so I say “Sure, you can have some juice” and pull the covers tighter; only to have them snatched off me and to feel Jay pulling on me with all his might. “Go! Now go please! Is juice time.” I realized then that although he had said *I* what he meant was *you*. I had unknowingly agreed to get up from my warm comfy bed and get him some juice. Of course once Ace saw that I was up, he asked for milk. Ugh! Stupid pronoun confusion. They weren’t so funny in that moment.


4 Responses to “Pronouns”

  1. My son does the same thing. There are times when he does get it right but not very often. There are times when he is so adamant about what he is saying that I really think he’s saying it correctly – and then I am wrong 🙂

  2. Ann Kilter Says:

    My daughter mixedvup her pronouns. It’s a mystery…sure keeps you thinking…even when you’re not quitevawake

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