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Mostly All Good June 23, 2014

Oh man.  I haven’t posted in just about 2 weeks. It’s not that nothing is happening; it’s that we’ve been busy doing and enjoying and loving and that hasn’t left me much time to think about how to write about it.


Jay graduated from kindergarten. It was cute, but not emotional. After all, in September he’ll be in the same school and spend ½ his day in the same class with the same kids and the same teacher. (This teacher takes the kids from kindergarten through 2nd grade which I think is an awesome system). Graduation didn’t feel like a goodbye. It wasn’t a goodbye at all. It was just kids being cute.




We’ve been spending a lot of time at the pool. We go in the evenings after work/school as well as on weekends. Both boys love the water. Ace is quite a good swimmer now. Jay is coming along too – He just needs to figure out how to come up for a breath. He stands up whenever he needs to breathe. He’ll get it soon. Nanas better be prepared to spend lots of time in the pool while they are there over the summer.


PhotoGrid_6 PhotoGrid_5


We’ve also been spending a lot of other outside time. Going for hikes and exploring abandoned buildings and what not. Brina Bird you’d be proud 🙂

The kids really enjoy it which is funny to me because they are not really fans of getting their hands dirty or dealing with bugs/insects etc. Last week Jay wouldn’t stand on a fallen over tree branch we came upon because it had a spider on it. Ace was having a good time playing in a stream until he saw some mosquitos and then he freaked out saying “Eww, I touched mosquito water.” None-the-less, they keep asking to go and Jay is never ready to leave the woods when it’s time to head back to the car.


PhotoGrid_1 PhotoGrid_7 PhotoGrid_8


Jay’s eating habits are blowing my mind. After he ate that half of a hotdog the other day he has since eaten most of a bologna sandwich, some eggs at iHop and just yesterday when we got home from our latest hike he ate THREE slices of pizza. The English language doesn’t have words sufficient for me to explain how excited this development makes me.




There have been fishing trips and time spent on play grounds with friends and even the beginning steps in learning how to ride a 2 wheeler bicycle.


PhotoGrid_9 PhotoGrid_3


If there is one bump in our road it’s this … Jays use of words is exploding. I LOVE IT!!! But with all the new words and sentences comes a lot of what sounds like rudeness. He really thinks he’s the boss of everyone and he talks to us as such. He doesn’t want to listen to anyone and he will tell you so. If he gives me an attitude and CC jumps in to correct him he will counter with “I’m not talking to you. I’m talking to the Mom.”

We often have conversations like this:

Jay: I want juice.

Me: I don’t understand you.

Jay: I said I want juice right now!

Me: You know that’s not the way. Please ask properly.

Jay: I want juice right now.

Me: Ask nicely.

Jay: (adding aggitation and base to his voice) Mom, please can I have juice (pause) right now?



He knows the right thing to do/say he just doesn’t want to do it and I don’t understand why.


He’s even lying now. If I ask the kids who made a mess he immediately says “Ace. Not me.” He knows he’s lying because when Ace denies it and I ask him again he gives me a cute smile and then he goes to clean up. I’m thrilled with his talking but we definitely have some things to work on.


So that’s it. We’re just here busy doing and enjoying and loving. Honestly, for the most part it’s all good in our hood.


2 Responses to “Mostly All Good”

  1. Ann Kilter Says:

    Ha. You have a great opportunity disguised as a challenge. His challenges are an indication that he is aware, and he is testing the boundaries. And you and your husband are defining the boundaries. Kids need that to feel secure. Good job mom and dad.

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