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That Means Hugs And Kisses June 25, 2014

Last year this time I put together 14 (or was it 17) little bags, each with what I hope was a cute gift and a hand-written thank you note. There was one for each teacher and therapist that my 2 boys had throughout the school year. I carefully chose the gifts and I wrote the notes and I delivered them all. It was on behalf of the boys but it was FROM me.


This time around things are different. They are scaled way back. In fact, there were only 6 little gift bags (3 for each kid). But I’m not writing about this to talk about how much smaller our team is. I’m writing about it because I want to log Ace’s involvement in the process. He chose the gifts for his teachers and wrote his own thank you notes. Every year as they move up a grade level, I get nervous about how the new teachers will be with my boys. Will they be patient?  Will they be understanding?  Will they be nurturing and encouraging and supportive?  What he wrote gave me some real insight into how much his teachers got him and how lucky we were this year with getting fabulous teachers.


Dear Ms. K,

Thank you for bringing in new books for me all the time that I like and letting me read your books.

From, Ace


That means hugs and kisses


(You should know that Ace is not really a fan of reading. He will read though if there are books that he’s interested in. Unfortunately I think the books that are usually available in the class are old and not to his liking. From what he told me, Ms. K would bring him Lego books and Super Hero books to read. I would not have known that if he hadn’t written her to say thanks.)


Dear Ms. H,

I liked having you as my teacher. Thank you for always being nice to me and letting me get breaks.

From, Ace


That means hugs and kisses


(It’s written into his 504 that he should get “movement” breaks whenever it’s convenient but Ace tells me that this teacher listens to his stories every day when he gets to class since he always has something to share first thing in the morning.  I kind of wish he had written specifically about that.  But being nice to him pretty much sums it up.)


Dear Ms. L,

Thank you for letting me write stories during rest time. I like that you let me finish my work even when the time is up.

From, Ace


That means hugs and kisses


(Ace gets all discombobulated if he doesn’t get to finish something he started working on. This was a huge issue for him last year in 1st grade where the teacher, and even other kids, would start packing away his work even when he wasn’t finished because the time for that activity was done. There was even a physical altercation one time.  He tells me that this year even if he didn’t get to finish it right then and there the teachers would let him put it to the side and finish it later during a rest period or recess or something. That allowed him to stay calm.)


This is what good teaching looks like. My kid enjoys going to school!!! He likes his teachers and appreciates what they do for him. It makes a difference. I know Ace tries really hard and there are multiple contributing factors that made this a good year for him but I hope his teachers can see through his notes, just how much they have helped him have a successful school year.  It’s been his best year so far in terms of behaviour.  Unlike the previous 2 years he hasn’t once been sent to the vice principals office.  Academically, he’s doing well also.  He’s coming away with mostly A’s and a B here or there.  Now as far as their gifts are concerned … Well, I hope they can appreciate his taste.  Let’s just say an owl, a dragonfly and a butterfly were involved.  🙂


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