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Real Quick July 24, 2014

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We were away on vacation.  A group of us (9 in all) spent a week in Florida.  We went to a couple Disney parks and we spent a day at Universal’s Islands of Adventure and we went to the beach.  There were tons of new experiences to be had (such as me taking the kids on an airplane ride by myself) … and overall it was great! 

Was it totally incident free?  Nope.  But I didn’t expect it to be.  Ultimately we all had fun together and the kids did an amazing job of being awesome.


Then I came back and was in a bit (or a lot) of a funk.  All sorts of reasons why.  Too many bills.  Health issues with a close family member.  Tired.  Work/computer nonsense.  Too many things on the “to do” list. 


I’m feeling much better now and will make the time to properly write about our Florida trip soon. 


I’ve missed reading all your stories and writing my own 🙂


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